Tracks Jacksonville Superspeedway 1.0

The popular 2.5 mile oval from rFactor now available in rFactor 2

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    Administrator Staff

    Image Space Incorporated released a well known oval from the original rFactor for rFactor 2. Jacksonville Superspeedway has been updated to the standards of their most recent game that soon will be available on the popular Steam platform.

    Originally created as a testing facility for big rig trucks in 1969, Jacksonville Superspeedway may appear to be a simple clone of other high banked 2.5-mile superspeedways, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Jacksonville is quite challenging for a track of this type, including the areas where the banking drops away faster than expected, leaving a stock car chasing it’s tail towards the wall in a way that may be difficult for some to control.

    ISI's Jacksonville Superspeedway release has one configuration, the 2.5 mile oval.

    With just three physical turns, and easily flat-out for a whole lap single file, the challenge on an oval of this type comes from side-by-side traffic and tire wear. During the course of a fuel run, you will begin to slide around, finding the track feels more narrow, you may even need to lift off the throttle to avoid the outside wall when running the outside line.

    The track is a conversion from rFactor 1 completed by one of ISI's internal testing team. It had a number of texture updates to try to bring it up to lower-end rF2 standards, but should be considered a third-party track.

    Download Jacksonville Superspeedway here
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  2. Toads


    Excellent, glad to see Jacksonville has made it's way to rF2. Cheers ISI! :cool:
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  3. Dave Fox

    Dave Fox
    I get there...eventually.

    Had a quick whip around this earlier and I can safely say the only negative thing I found was my oval driving ability...them left handers are harder than they look ! :notworthy:
    But kudos to ISI on what seems to be, a mighty fine update :thumbsup:
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  4. Mark One

    Mark One

    Hello everyone,
    Finally!!!...Nascar that I can just load up a track, set time of day, dial in the strength and amount of AI that I want...and just if I cause a pile complaining, no name calling...then I can just push the 'Restart' to love that!
    ISI have done a fantastic job bringing us some Stockcar/Nascar for their rFactor 2 Simulation, a bit short on tracks at time of writing this but more planned soon and with some improvements on the AI as mentioned by ISI themselves, this will be my go to Stockcar/Nascar Simulation.
    I had purchased 'Nascar 2013, The Game' and 'Nascar 2014' through 'Steam' for the PC and my new T300RS Steering Wheel did not work very well in these games which was very unsatisfying....thankfully the T300RS works amazingly well in rFactor 2 and is highly recommended as an upgrade from my previous wheel which was a G27.
    The You tube video is the rF2 Stockcar at 'Jacksonville Super Speedway', starting with a Formation Lap ( I am easy to spot as I am the car weaving in and out of formation...'Hold your line, buddy, Hold your line' it was pedal to the metal until I meet my demise a few laps later. Highly recommended.
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  5. Brice.S.


    Running iracing since long ago...and : what's that ?! an oval with some bumps ?! sprintcar cup with no power ?! no grip on front tyre ?! Run the oval full throttle all day long ?! ...damn...that is not oval.
    Played with IA : what a mess ?! they don't keep their line... played online and ...doh ! seems like only a few knows driving on oval....
    So for me it's a real deception, but i'm still condifent that it'll be great later, with some update and some more training... so keep working !, for now, that's not a blast.
  6. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened

    Nice to see some more tracks for Rf2
  7. Deleted member 130869

    Deleted member 130869

    At night it is a beauty.
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