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Apr 18, 2014
Update: Updated in-game settings just a bit to avoid clipping.

Thought I'd throw my hat in the ring with those who have been contributing FFB settings for Project Cars 2. Little late to the show but Project Cars 2 can actually feel really, really nice at the wheel, has great looks, and has immersion that I haven't seen in any other sim so it's worth a little TLC to try to get it up to spec with FFB.

tl;dr: ffb_custom_settings – stan lo comp DD SopDiff.txt [The Jack Spade File]: In-game Gain 100%, Volume 77%, Tone: 54%, FX 18%, SimCommander Reset to Defaults, Wheel Mode High, Engine RPMs Disabled, Game Force Feedback Smoothing 48.24%, set AccuForce Friction 7.06%. Test Conditions: Primarily Ginettta G55 G4 and Corvette C7.R at Brands Hatch Indy.

If you're wondering what kind of effort goes into tuning these settings, here's an idea(*):

Ignore the SimCommander settings if you don't have an AccuForce although it may give you some reference if you have software for your wheel that does similar things.

Jack Spade files are great but don't provide the in-game settings needed to reproduce an RF2/AMS/R3E/iR FFB experience. I have a lot of experience tuning GTR2 to achieve rF1/AMS (ish) style FFB so I know what I want.

There are still some issues with my FFB but of all the custom ffb I've tried none of them achieve this level of similarity with other sims known for their top quality ffb. Maybe it's just me but I hope others can find enjoyment with these ffb settings.

Good luck and enjoy!

You can find my latest Project Cars 2 FFB settings here:


*In my spreadsheet I have some old comments saying PC2 settings = GTR2 settings. It's sort of true but not really. It was a somewhat helpful comparison for me early on but I should probably remove them.
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