I've got some modest (and partially incomplete) tracks


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Dec 21, 2012
Hi everybody, first of all, excuse me for my english.

Although I never posted here, I'm an old user of Race Department website. Some time ago I made a few tracks for rFactor, using BTB. I never managed to finish them because I'm not good at finding and inserting things such as lights, stands and other things to fully enjoy my creations.
The very first track I made has already kerbs, drivelines, garage points, starting grid, cameras, although I believe they could be made better. The other ones have only track and surrounding terrain (generated by BTB). One of them has some basic buildings around too.
I must confess I was a 3D modeler in my youth, but I actually don't have enough skills to make objects on my own. But I think that still helps me, together with a modest racing experience in real life, in making tracks that could be enjoyable by some others.

I was wondering if someone could be interested in refine such tracks, for then make them available to the community. Obviously, if expert modders believe my work isn't worth any further effort, I will comprehend that. Otherwise I would only like to be mentioned as the original author, and to have the joy of playin on these tracks when they will be completed. I'd only ask to be cautious with polys and textures (or to make a "light" version if you wish to make them havier) because I use to play rFactor on a very very old PC, not as old as me, anyway ;-).