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I've created some Assetto Corsa Competizione 1080p, 4K, VR Benchmarks (RTX 3080 with Ryzen 9 5900x, HP Reverb G2)

Hey guys, I've just finished creating my video comparing various ACC benchmarks for low/epic and VR graphical settings presets on 1080p, 4k and VR, also including a few more scenarios with streaming and additional load. All of that has been performed on my current PC Running an AMD Ryzen 9 5900x and the nVidia RTX 3080 GPU, more details are in the video and it's description. Enjoy! ;)

Here's the link to the video:
Your panel resolution is quite low to compensate for distortion profiles. These benchmarks at 100% SteamVR would be much much worse, unfortunately.

For me personally, anything below 90% steamvr is quite a drop in quality on the G2. Overall, your methodology is solid and you showed all the key variables so people can use as it as baseline. Thanks for doing it!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. :) I am not so sure what you mean by distortion profiles, but I believe you're referring to ACC's temporal/KTAA antaliasing wich make everything look like a smudgy mess.

Well, 100% SteamVR is a much higher rendered resolution than the headsets native resolution (it's actually about 2x more rendered pixels than on the native headsets resolution) to use for supersampling, and Steam probably calls it that way to encourage people to use this number in VR, so that the picture looks better and instead showing the real ~100% as 48% SteamVR resolution. Generally that's more of an eye candy thing... So it's what I use and find acceptable and if we are talking about the panel resolution this already is significantly higher than the native panel resolution of the headset.

Overall it's always a tradeoff for the GPU rendering a more beautiful picture or more frames. The 100% SteamVR resolution will probably run the VR native games at full framerate on this hardware, but for the non-purely-VR-designed games or sim titles it has to be evaluated individually.

I use a slightly higher SteamVR resolution on other sim titles like RF2,AC or iRacing, but they have their anti-aliasing techniques running well, so the picture looks gorgeous (well ok not as on a 4k monitor, but it's great) and they run flawlessly. So the real problem is ACC itself actually. It's by far the worst looking sim title when used in VR. And it actually also doesn't look that great on a 4K monitor either, it's just that the resolution of a 4K monitor is so high, that it kind of is still acceptable, but of course it depends on the screen size and distance viewed from.

Overall my recommendation to other VR users would be to test around with their settings and not take the 100% as the default target, neither the 90 fps as the default target. See what works, some people use continous reprojection of frames and a better picture, so to be honest I'd sugest the people to initially turn off any FPS counters, but play with the params until the experience is most satisfying. And not forget there are 2 target Hz modes on the HP Reverb G2 too - 90 Hz and 60 Hz. This should of course be done in stress scenarios (i.e. performance alone vs with 25 AI's)