It's time - more F1 news from Monza

Ivo Simons

Apr 15, 2009
It's time

Autodromo Nazionale Monza September the 12th

Division 2

Qualification 1:

It was very difficult to get a clean lap with 23 cars on track. But i stayed calm i got 8th place and saw that the gap to place 10 with 12 minutes to go was 0.500. So i knew i was save.

Qualification 2:

Couldn't get the same pace as before but the gap to place 8th was only 0.100. So i stopped trying to get 2 more places and gave myself some rest before the race.

The Race:

It's time. I was one of the last on the grid, because i was checking my setup and Pit Presets like 10 times, just to be sure. So i am on the grid trying to tell myself be gentle on the throttle and get off the line with not to much wheelspin and then the lights appeared.

Go Go! I came off the line perfect like Renault in the old days. Little wheelspin but got very soon some good traction. When i was going through the gears and overtook 2 cars on the right side a smile appeared on my face. I was again stunned of the acceleration of the F1 cars and how quick you're at the 7th gear. Within a couple of seconds i was already at the first corner.

Yes! Through the first corner without a scratch. Ones a reminder that everybody was paying attention and knew this was a 90min race.

After a couple of laps i was settled in 9th place and was pushing the car more with warmed up tyres, and was having a nice and consistent pace.

The laps where going very quick and i got some places because of some famous Lesmo 2 spins.

Pitstop time in lap 20. I was feeling good and not a single mistake in the first 20 laps and the tyres where feeling great. Rentered the track at 9th place.

Lap 37 and place 6 disaster strikes. A couple of laps before my teammate told me from the pitwall that he was out because he couldn't avoid a spinning car in front of him. Then the thinking begun and you're the only one that can get some points for the team. I entered Lesmo 1 and saw some dust on the left side a swerved a little bit to the right because i didn't know what was going on there. This made my entry for Lesmo 2 not perfect and the tyres where also not at the best shape (3 laps before my second pitstop). So ran a little bit to wide, and a little is to much at Lesmo 2 so my car spun and smashed in the wall so my wing was gone and had a suspension problem. But i stayed calm and got back to the pits, fixed my damage changed my tyres and refueled and settled for the last stint.

My crash and pitstop had also a positive note. It gave me my only real battle in the whole race. So for 3 laps there was nice battle with Yves Larose for 5th place but he got the best of me.

After that i followed Yves at 6th place with a 2 second gap and a 27 seconds gap to to 7th place, and was just trying to get the Spyker home and get the points. But then it happened i entered Parabolica on lap 43 and suddenly my screen froze and after the 30 seconds it was still frozen and i needed to quit the game. "It's a Time-out" i heard my teammate say. But didn't really hear him because i was in awe what just happened end my race was ended.

The last shot from the Spyker in Monza

After 10 minutes of thinking what happened to me and some "what if" thoughts where going through my mind i came down to earth. And reminded myself what great fun the race was and how magical the F1 cars are. And that made me smile again and i fired up GTR Evo, Paul Ricard en the MMG F1 Mod and pushed the throttle at the pit exit. And thought by myself to bad it isn't already time...