It's not FSR media, but it's about an FSR simdriver

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    I created a small personal tradition, that consists of reassuming my simdriver season with a special video. Demanding and fussy as I am, it achieves a job long hours and hours.
    In this occasion I had more time than usual, becouse of my sabbatical year, but despite this I completed only the first half of the job; I will complete it before of the start of 2013 season.

    Italian championship F1-Fullsim; Major League 2011 (there are some FSR italian pilots, current and not)
    (German can't watch it for copyright reasons)

    The target is create a proper review, with comments, evaluations and classifications, with a good.."pulse"; for this, introductions can be read only if you stop the tape.
    It will be the last italian rewiev, but you can read classifications if you want. If you like it, on my youtube channel I also published the summaries of my 2010 (Driver League in F1-Fullsim) and 2009 season (Open League in F1-Fullsim, i.e. my debut in simracing; no copyright problems, but was my first video and it isn't very elaborate).

    Thanks, bb
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