It's ACC but not as you know it

Tonight is the Grand Finale of the G2 Esports Racing Series Powered by TRUEFORCE. But before you think you know what it's all about, think again.
  • A fun night of bizarre race formats
  • Aris, Random Callsign, Nils Naujoks, Cem Bolukbasi all take to the track
  • G2 Esports racing series winners team up with the guests
  • Gamer Muscle in the commentary booth (Dear lord help us)
G2Esports are doing something quite different for this event. Following the conclusion of our main G2 Racing Series Powered by Trueforce, an exceptional short, sharp and entertaining series of races in Assetto Corsa Competizione, they have decided to mix things up somewhat - with what we expect to be rather dramatic results!

G2 Racing Series Grande Finale | Watch Live From 19:30 UTC HERE

What do you get if you add championship winners, YouTube Influencers and Pro drivers, throw in a sprinkle of unconventional tasks and mix it all up in a competitive environment of racing? Well, we think you will get a very interesting and massively different esport racing experience....

Grande Finale - Announcement (1).png

So, we said it was a bit different didn't we? Well, I suppose we need to have a dig around at the race format and find out what exactly we are letting ourselves in for here.... Normal esport racing variety consists of a pit window variation or something equally mundane. We tried pitstops in 30 minute races last time around, and that was pretty successful... however they always say in show business you need to up the stakes each and every time... so we threw the rule book out the window completely, and cooked up an entirely "unique" format of action for tonight...

The "Race" formats:
The race formats are....unique. The series is meant to be fun, but these are racing drivers so try telling them we aren't running a super serious championship... rumour has it Aris has already been putting in considerable practice on his stream last night :roflmao:

Race 1 - Eliminator
The drivers will qualify as per standard procedure with pole position picking up an extra point. That's the last time things are normal...

During the race, the drivers will have three laps to fight for position. At the end of lap 4 the driver in last place will be eliminated and the driver in first place will get an additional 20kg ballast.

Race 2 - Pursuit
This is a mixed class grid, the competition winners in the BMW GT3 and the guests in the BMW GT4. The GT3 drivers will pull to one side and allow the GT4 drivers to pass. They will make one lap and as soon as they pass the parked GT3 drivers they will be set free to race to the finish. There will be bonus points on offer for the driver which pass the entire GT4 field first.

The points will be tallied up and the winners will be crowned.

The Teams
The teams are as follows (competition winner + Sim racing guest) :

Alberto Garcia + Aris Vasilakos (Kunos / Aris Drives)
Chris McDade + Random Callsign (Youtuber)
Tobin Leigh + Cem Bolukbasi (Real World GT4 Driver)
Danilo Santoro + Nils Naujoks (ACC God)

Special Broadcast Guest
Grand Finale Commentator.jpg

As an added bit of spice Gamer Muscle will be in the commentary booth giving us his usual dose of wisdom and extremely sensible commentary....OK maybe not either of those things but it should be a good laugh with him calling the action.

We think this miniseries should present a very interesting and very different take on the usual sim racing / esport adventures usually found within our favourite hobby. With unique formats, big name drivers, a dose of something never really tried before and all taking place at the same time, with points on offer... what's not to like?

Join us here on to see all the action live, just look out for the popup player on your screen to see how this all unfolds. It's going to be....interesting.
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Daniel Monteiro

Sep 1, 2008
Oh gosh lordie


Dec 29, 2018
For me, this game is above all synonymous with events for quality drivers. The updates are in the direction of these events to the detriment of a wider opening of the majority of players.

On the one hand, we can reproach this but the quality is there. If all the car games had the same level of quality or even better, we would be over the moon.

In spite of everything, it remains video games, by dint of making games too simulation oriented, we risk losing our childlike soul.
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Jul 23, 2015
Reading the comments spreads on the forums overall looks like those Sims are able to let shine our childish souls quite good lol.