ISR Administration - As of May 9 2015

Kris Cobb

Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal
Dec 24, 2013
Current ISR Administration is as follows

ISR Club President: Kris Cobb
Vice President: Sam Jones
Treasurer: Pedro Rodrigues
TOA Chair: David Greco
Legal Director: Ernesto De Angelis
Court of Appeals: David O'Reilly, Martin Hodas, Mike Partington
Technical Director: John-Eric Saxen
Technical Team: David Greco, James Sadler
Press Director: Pashalis Gergis
Press Team: David O'Reilly, Alessio Campus, Ron Squire
Highlights: Nick Rowland, Jeroen Kweekel, James Sadler
Media Director: Sam Jones
Media Team: Chris De Jong, Jeroen Kweekel, Jonny Simon, James Sadler
Marketing Director: David O'Reilly
Marketing Team: Jonny Simon
World Championship Director: TBD
ACE Championship Director: Blair Disley
PRO Championship Director: Mike Partington
Assistant Race Director: Carlos Martin

If you wish to take part please PM me (or any of the above) and we will make sure to find you a role this season.
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