Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Kevin Watts

    Kevin Watts

    The flight sim scene has made a lot of use of multi-screens for control panels with apps like TouchBuddy etc. I've seen these overlay things talked about before but in a moment of boredom I downloaded iSpeed to try it out and I kinda like it. It can be setup to display via a webpage so your smartphone (in my case an iPhone) can fire up the page and display real time telemetry such as fuel load, speed, split times and lap times etc. It can also perform text to speech functions to let you know your split times etc. I found it quite handy to have setup on my desk, its not an essential app but fun to use. Its a free download here:
  2. Mike McCormick

    Mike McCormick

    It's a great add on for iRacing.
  3. Joe Hubbard

    Joe Hubbard

    Hey Mike I didn't know you were a member here as well... Very cool to see ya here.

    yeah that is a cool addon Kevin, I had found it a couple months ago and prefer it to the ingame timing.
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