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    Small track for small cars

    3 LAYOUT:

    1. CONFIGURAZIONE STANDARD 2.000 km / 1.242 ml
    2. CONFIGURAZIONE VELOCE 1.750 km / 1.087 ml
    3. CONFIGURAZIONE VEICOLI PESANTI 1.600 km / 0.994 ml

    30 grid spots, 15 pit spots.

    2 groups of cam.





    Variante Ascari

    Curva del Ponte

    Variante cavatappi

    Rettifilo Esse Bagnata

    variante Allegra



    - The Story -

    I.S.A.M. - Istituto Sperimentale Auto e Motori (Experimental Institute Cars and Engines) - was established as a Società per Azioni (Ltd.) in November, 1965.

    However, the beginning of its activity goes back to 1956, year in which it started running the first performance tests on vehicles working as the "Servizio Studi ed Esperienze" (Study and Experience Service) for the Italian magazine "Quattroruote" which is published by Editoriale Domus S.p.A..

    Starting from 1956, the "Servizio" (Service) run "Prove su strada" (Road tests) as assigned by Quattroruote while conducting experimental activity and studies on vehicles, engines, accessories, roadsigns, various manufactures and more generally on everything concerning road traffic as well as the design and realization of several hightech instruments of measurement, many of which are patented.

    The "Servizio" (Service) run its activity not only on behalf of magazines dedicated to the topic and published by Editoriale Domus (such as: Quattroruote, Auto Italiana e Quattrosoldi) but also on behalf of other organizations which asked for its services and instrumental measurements.

    After such big recognitions, in 1965, Editoriale Domus decided to make the "Servizio Studi ed Esperienze" itself an autonomous body which was then established as a Società per Azioni (Ltd.) with its own legal status.

    The year 1971 marks another crucial step of our story: designed under the newest functionality criteria and built over around 160,000 mq, the new centre set in Anagni (Frosinone) started to work.

    The intense experimental activity on vehicles themselves as well as the research on human behaviour in the car led ISAM S.p.A to cooperate with prestigious scientific institutes (CONI's "Centro di Medicina dello Sport" - Medical Centre of Sports, among them). Besides, important collaborations with the main national and international automotive companies were developed.

    ISAM S.p.A. was the first in Italy to engage in safe drive learning for National Government and Army Organizations, taking the place, in 1977, of the company Alfa Romeo which, in the past, was in charge of providing all the vehicles to such Organizations and of training their drivers. In these same years, the Master in Drive was born. Famous and exclusive (for methodology and contents), the Master trained more than 50,000 drivers.

    In the early 80's, the first installation in Italy for crash testing road-barriers was realized at ISAM's headquarters. Nowadays, the installation keeps being the only one in the country which is authorized to release certificates for barriers (among other things).

    - ISAM Today -

    At the end of some structures and installations' renewal process, ISAM S.p.A. realized a proper 2,000 mt racetrack. Completed in 2004, the structure is intended to host the peculiar activities of a speed circuit.

    Moreover, ISAM S.p.A. proceeded to reconvert research laboratories and finally equipped the multifunctional equiplanimetric 50.000 mq lot which is the greatest in Italy.

    - -

    I thank SlowMotion for advice,
    I also thank the community of for all the xpacks present and
    the RuinedRoad Sim-Racing Team for support.

    Credits :
    Bob's Track Builder
    ISI for rFactor

    Conversions or editing of this track for rFactor are not allowed.
    All the textures created by Culmone can not be used in other projects.

    (Copyright texture and 3D objects) by LcR -

    This track was created for exclusively recreative purposes,
    its usage in profit-making activities and the like is strictly forbidden.


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