Is there any server hosting?

James Early

Oct 21, 2014
I can't seem to set up a server myself so was wondering if there is any server hosts around to allow me and a few friends to practice? There are a few for rFactor 1 but not 2....
Jan 7, 2013
Coming soon!!!

There will however remain an opportunity to race on RD servers for free. The existing 24/7 Server(s) will become public servers, moderated by a handpicked group of Premium members.

It's a public server. So all your friends can join (RD member or not). It will be setup with the car/track combo on your request.

All premiums will have access to the administrator password to change race-length, edit the starting grid, add weight/mass penalty's to the aliens, give or undo stop/go penalty's, call in safety-car/full course yellow,...
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