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Is there an Addon/Download Manager? (I would write one...)

Der Abt

May 14, 2014
Hi Folks,

is there already something like this?
If not, I am thinking of developing one.

My ideas are:
A Windows program with a nice GUI, that checks your local installed addons (cars, tracks, tools, ...) and has a connection to a database I would host, that always is up tp date with the newest released addons.

It will check, if newer versions are available and - if You wish - download, unpack and install them for You. Or it will Switch between Versions before AC launch.

Therefore a System should be established, that each addon has a standard-info file in which this tool can read the Version-info and a preview-Picture to let it look nicer.
I would either take the most common download sources for AC (like racedepartment) and put the informations and the downloadlinks in the database (lots of neverending work), or
- let everybody add entries into the database, or
- let registered developers add new databe entries of their creations.

What do You think would be the best?

All the download-links should be direct-links (maybe with Basic authentification) and not hostet at mega-file-Hosters. Problem?
Only put Downloads into the database where the authors agree to be listet in my tool?

Tell me Your thoughts.

Der Abt
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Frank Brasse

Work is the curse of the drinking class
Feb 16, 2014
schwarzbierbude uses a self written autouploader which works very well and makes sure that every player uses the same content (version differences etc.). - maybe something similar to your idea.


Oct 6, 2010
One of the issues I see in some of the mods (skins especially) it's inconsistency in the naming system and the directory structure.

Especially in the Skin downloads, there are some skins that simply I don't know where to save (2 or 3 at the most) while others are just difficult to place because the author didn't adhere to the folder naming system.