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Is there an Addon/Download Manager? (I would write one...)

Hi Folks,

is there already something like this?
If not, I am thinking of developing one.

My ideas are:
A Windows program with a nice GUI, that checks your local installed addons (cars, tracks, tools, ...) and has a connection to a database I would host, that always is up tp date with the newest released addons.

It will check, if newer versions are available and - if You wish - download, unpack and install them for You. Or it will Switch between Versions before AC launch.

Therefore a System should be established, that each addon has a standard-info file in which this tool can read the Version-info and a preview-Picture to let it look nicer.
I would either take the most common download sources for AC (like racedepartment) and put the informations and the downloadlinks in the database (lots of neverending work), or
- let everybody add entries into the database, or
- let registered developers add new databe entries of their creations.

What do You think would be the best?

All the download-links should be direct-links (maybe with Basic authentification) and not hostet at mega-file-Hosters. Problem?
Only put Downloads into the database where the authors agree to be listet in my tool?

Tell me Your thoughts.

Der Abt

Frank Brasse

Work is the curse of the drinking class
schwarzbierbude uses a self written autouploader which works very well and makes sure that every player uses the same content (version differences etc.). - maybe something similar to your idea.


One of the issues I see in some of the mods (skins especially) it's inconsistency in the naming system and the directory structure.

Especially in the Skin downloads, there are some skins that simply I don't know where to save (2 or 3 at the most) while others are just difficult to place because the author didn't adhere to the folder naming system.