HTC Vive

Is there a way to mod the camera position?


Jun 20, 2017
I might give this a chance if the cockpit camera can be moved. Are Unity games moddable to begin with? Any pointer in the right direction would help.


Mar 30, 2010
In theory, yes, you may be able to adjust the camera Field of View by editing a particular DLL file along with many other things, however this opens things up to cheats.

I was never able to accomplish a new camera angle for any of the NASCAR Heat titles in my efforts over the last 4 years.

We're better off pushing 704 Games to add an adjustable camera FOV to the game, like nearly (if not EVERY) other modern title has.

The cockpit view sits way too far back to be useful with triple screens, so roof riding is the only decent angle in all of these games.
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