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is there a way to force the best LOD to avoid popping?

Matt Lenart

Nov 7, 2012
i couldn't find an answer in any rfactor threads... maybe i'm just not that good at the internet. also didn't feel like hijacking someone else's thread. if this question was already answered, i apologize in advance (not because i'm canadian).

essentially, i want to force the best, highest quality LOD in GSCE because my PC can handle it, and LOD popping is a menace (in my opinion).

i understand that it's a necessity when you're racing w/ a full grid, but i usually don't and would really like to know how to do this if its possible.

the closest i got in my research was editing lodmultiplier settings in cam files, but haven't attempted that yet.
Oct 29, 2013
in car.cam

for GSCE original tracks, i think LODMultiplier=(1.600000) is enough
but, causes fps drop
adjust track per track is a way too
every update reiza improves that, 1.21 have less popups than 1.15
try your settings

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