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Is there a quick way to upgrade car skin textures or does it all need to be done manually?

I've been planning on updating a lot of modded cars to make them visually more high quality. I noticed a lot of them tend to have high quality models (mostly because they're ripped lmao) but the textures themselves are low quality.

Unfortunately simply upping the resolution doesn't seem to fix the incredibly unsharp decals (like sponsors). So I wanted to know if there is a quick way to make them properly sharp (or at least some tutorial out there for this) or am I just sol and have to manually replace each of the decals?
AC textures are ultimately just raster images, so there’s no way to upscale them in a way that will also increase clarity.
So yes, sadly, not much you could do there on your own other than recreating the skin from scratch.
However, there are a lot of people here on RD making skins for all sorts of cars, so there’s a chance if the car & livery is popular enough you might be able to find a more high-quality version of what you’re looking for here, or just higher-quality other skins in general.