F1 2014 Is there a 11-11 like glitch this year?

F1 2014 The Game (Codemasters)
I looking quick round melbourne, but 4-5 seconds off, in real life, to find 5 seconds. For 58 laps, I'd be dead. It's ridiculous,

Still best game out there is GPL, or modded GP 3(2000), modded.
Maybe they just have more talent?
ha @Bram Hengeveld, i bet they do, after doing this post i have found a set up which is pretty nice and brought me closer to the top guys so it really was set up by the sounds of it, but in relation to the post there was a 11-11 cheat so to speak of back in 2011 so having the fear something like was in the game was a very real one


Had things gone my way, who knows..
yes there are still the OP stuff

4-1 wings work quite well for me, much faster than a rear wing that is higher. (3 tenths faster than 5-3 wings, 1.5 seconds faster than 11-9 wings. on Melbourne with Williams in career)
Rear balance always on 11
ride height 1-1 and stiffness 11-11
camber to the left (but I have the rear one to only -1.40 though) and toe to the right