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Is RD the go-to place for downloading cars & tracks?

Kind of new to AC, just wondering if this is the go-to place for cars and tracks or is there somewhere else everyone likes to use?

And I assume I cannot race online against friends if I try to use a car I've downloaded?
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1. Short answer: yes.
Long answer: In my experience, RD has the most consistent (free) mod quality out of any of the big hubs out there. There are a couple sites that have a huge selection of mod cars, most of which are extremely amateur efforts (putting it nicely) and some of which are passable to decent. Here on RD however I’ve noticed a solid majority of the car mods I’ve downloaded have all been Good Enough to Keep Around at the low end and Nearly Kunos Quality at the high end. It’s a similar situation for tracks, but because tracks require so much work, it’s a little bit harder to find good ones just about anywhere. RD is where you’re gonna find most of the essentials though.

2. You can use any mod car online as long as everyone on the server also has it downloaded and updated to the same version.


RD tries to delete all mods that don't follow the policy that all mods have to be made from scratch or has the permission from the original creator.

As far as my knowledge goes. Editing content and uploading it somewhere is infringing "artistic" copyright.
Also a mod that has copyright protected content in it needs to be for free, since you need a license to sell something with a Ferrari logo on it for example.

The community here is very fair and nice. If we see a mod that goes against the rules, it will be reported and then be checked by the RD team.

So you can find a lot of bad mods out there. Most car mods that you can't find here are just a new chassis put on an existing original ac car.
Meanwhile the car mods here on RD all have their own suspension geometry, physics etc.

If you want quality and legal mods. RD is the place to download mods. :)

If you don't care for either of these and just want your favorite car visually slapped on a wrong car, then there are other sites that have plenty to choose from...


1. Short answer: Nearly Kunos Quality at the high end.
I think often enough mods here surpass Kunos quality, not because Kunos can't do better, but simply because modders on here can take a lot more time to make their chosen car or track. Also ofc because the Kunos set quality goalposts are a moving target, that were initially set up for 2014 and the computers we had back then.


If a mod can't meet the bar to be uploaded on RD (which is: it's legal to host it because it's not stolen) then it's not worth your time, doesn't mean everything that makes it onto the site will be to your tastes, or built by pros.
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Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
just wondering if this is the go-to place for cars and tracks or is there somewhere else everyone likes to use?

RD, is one of the place to access mods for AC, but there is a lot more available out there. Since you are new to AC, it is a good starting point, should keep you busy for a while, but think of it as the iceberg, there is an other 90% waiting for you in the wild.
First mod you should get is CM, CSP with rain FX and Sol.
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