Is it worth if for me to join FSR?

Jun 22, 2014
Hey guys,
I am pretty new to the scene and my simple question is "Is it worth it for me to join FSR?"

How do you I come to this. I was a fanatic Formula 1 and motorsport fan since I was 5 years. Through my puberty I lost the contact to it. But this year (now I am 26) I drove my first kartraces with friends and I was basicly fixed on. I was fast enough to nearly beat the track record on 1 1/2 second even if I sit for the first time in a kart >< Then I started playing my whole racing games and uninstalled nearly everything like dota.

In rFactor 2 I am struggling hard. Can't find good setups, but I am practicing at least 1 hour a day (if i dont work). My pace is clearly not fast enough for any races and my driving style is to instable. But I reaaaaally reaaaaally wanna learn it. So I would take a testdriver seat for weeks. But are the 12 bucks worth it? How friendly is this community? Is the chance high to find a good mentoring team?

Thx for the answers and reading Thomas :D

Georg Winter

Jan 21, 2014
Hey Thomas.
For a Testdriver role you dont need a license. You only need it, to take part at the races.

Ville Leppala

Mar 12, 2011
My advice for you is: Just go for it. Im sure theres a team that would love to have you onboard. I was in your situation 3 years ago when i found simracing. Now im 25 and really glad i started doing this. Also the Pro league is for learning and u dont need to be the next Schumacher to drive there.

Ben Eastman

Jun 26, 2011
I'm pretty new and learning too so if I see you on the server I'll be happy to trade tips etc.

I stalked the server for years before I finally committed to getting real good at rF2, if you have never simraced before may take you awhile but all I can say is just read as much as you can about real life car engineering and setup,people told me there was no shortcut and it's true, it's simply a matter of learning the science and feeling the physics.

And to be completely fair I think seeing as this is first season of RF2 it's perfect time for newcomers, in RF1 i always felt like I was 10 years behind in knowledge and experience but this is a "fresh" game.