Is it possible???

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  1. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Is it possible to add a second Stock V8 series with modded skins to run alongside the original cars?

    What I am after is two folders containing in one the original cars, in the other modded skins.

    I have the skins in game, put them into a different folder, redone a new rfm file pointing at the new folder, but in game it shows all cars from both folders, in both the folders.

    Head is starting to hurt now with all the bashing it on the desk....... :D

    The cars..............

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  2. Keith Windsor

    Keith Windsor

    I tried to do the same with the Formula Classic and so far have not been succesful. I put 1985 skins in a separate folder, and tried to write a new rfm championship file, but I could not seem to get it to work when I changed it from reiza1, reiza2, reiza3 or reiza4 (I couldn't get the game to accept any other rfm names). I still believe it's possible, just not sure what I was doing wrong, so don't let me put you off!
    The alternative is to install JSGME (Generic Mod Enabler), you could then install the skins in place of the originals, and remove them whenever you want. I use this prog in F1 2011, Game Stock Car, rFactor, and the Race series, and it works great.
  3. Scott Webber

    Scott Webber

    oh man , i can't wait to drive them new skins :)
  4. Robert Wiesenmüller

    Robert Wiesenmüller
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    You could simply remove all the original cars from the folder if you only want to run with your skinned cars. Put them into another folder and whenever you want to race online, just put the cars back into the folder.

    Great skins btw. :) Maybe you could help us a little bit when the new Stock Car championship starts?