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Is it possible to remove DRS from a car?

I want to make an f1 championship based on the formula hybrid 2018 mod in assetto corsa, but the DRS is pretty much useless. Is there a way to remove it from the car itself?


What do you mean "pretty much useless"? It's pretty useful to me.

I'm pretty sure it's possible, you need to unpack data and then edit the relevant part.

It's also possible to disable DRS on a per-track basis, by making DRS zones nonexistent. If you do that then be sure to backup the original file.

Or you could simply let DRS be and just not use it. AI drivers will use it, but that shouldn't be a big issue since according to you it's pretty much useless?
I meant useless in the way that it brings no advantage to the car behind, since everyone can use it, my bad.
Thanks for the answer, I'll see what I can do.