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Is it called cheating ?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by cockpitview, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. cockpitview


    when u change tire pressures, fix damage or not fix damage do u use the pause button while racing . almost impossible do to these things unless u pause. just wondering what everyone else does.
  2. Keith Windsor

    Keith Windsor

    Yes I sometimes use the pause - it's not cheating - as far as I'm concerned, in those moments someone would be doing those things for me - I am having to act as engineer/team boss as well as driver, so it's only fair to allow myself a few extra seconds for that.
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  3. Will Mazeo

    Will Mazeo

    I always did it back in GTR2 when I was still driving offline (like 4 years ago lol)
    But online can't do that obviously. That's why I love my DFGT, a ton of keys I can configure, adjusting many things while racing. Wouldn't go for other wheel (the G29 if I had money, yeah, that one I'd get)