Is FM7 a buy at $25 for use on Xbox and PC?

Ryan Soucy

Original poster
Nov 1, 2010
I have so many more sims than time to play, but this interests me, partly because of the crossplay with my son's new xbox one.

I primarily play Pcars2, followed by AMS and RR. But I have them all. rF2 and AC collect dust. ACC has a little further to go. Did all of Dirt Rally, almost through Dirt4. But I also like Grid 2 and Wreckfest for more low-pressure driving fun. I'm thinking FM7 could replace Grid 2 for pick up and play racing.

Any thoughts? I did try Forza:Apex, the FFB was ok, but the frame rate smoothness was top notch. I don't know why my other sims didn't run that smooth.
Thanks, Ryan

Durge Driven

Jun 17, 2017
I have not drove it much but spent hours just going through all the menus and cars lol
What I did drive was more immersive then most similar titles and had no problems with FFB / T300
Like I said in other thread physics and modding is only real weakness I see
Ultimate at 50% is okay value