Is Daniel Ricciardo Worth the Hype?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, May 15, 2013.

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  2. Aidan Keranen

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    two things i think:
    1. As said here, Toro Rosso is around for one reason really: blood the new Red Bull drivers. Joining Toro Rosso almost certainly eliminates driving for anyone other than Red Bull. It's like putting all your eggs in one basket, instead of 22 seats possible, realistically there is only 1, which may never come.
    2. I personally don't see that Riccardo or Vergne are good enough for the Red Bull team. For sure they will drive some good results, but so do Grosjean and Perez, both will similar experience.

    Maybe it could all change when it happens, but I frankly don't see these guys achieving (or even make it) at Red Bull.
  3. Warren Dawes

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    Wouldn't it be nice to see the top F1 Teams being prepared to put the time and effort into developing young up and coming drivers, rather than the usual practice of trying to lure the well established top drivers from other teams. ;)

    Maybe then, it might become more about a team's management ability to train and develop drivers, instead of just about who has the biggest budget. :whistling:
  4. Constantin Grimminger

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    Just regarding the Post's title: the Hype around Ricciardo is definetly more Worth it as the Hype for Haryanto, Pal Kiss and da Costa. At least Ricciardo made it into F1.

    Anyways, I guess he won't made it up to RBR yet. As Jason Noble wrote, he is not worth it compared to Hulk and di Resta. Even compared to Buemi and Alguersuari, which made a much better job IMO. But it would be cool to see finally someone of RBR's driving school making it to their top team.
  5. Chris Hempsall

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    Ricciardo's alright but he's not that much better than JEV, and both of them havent exactly set the world alight. Ricciardo's had a full season, a half season and he's into his 2nd full season, and I havent seen anything spectacular,

    Remember in Melbourne this year, when everyone said ''Wow, Bianchi's making that car look half good''

    Never seen a performance from Ricciardo like that.
  6. Kartik Sri Harsha

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    I agree with you Chris. He haven't done like that but we have to consider how much the car was also performing. The 2012 Car was crap and he lost Valuable points in Monza if i remember correctly. This year car is good and he delivered in China with a 7th place.
    In my Opinion Is Ricciardo Good: Yes,
    Is he Good for RBR if he replaces Mark : No, Mark was fair bit faster and can give others a hard time. I don't think Ricciardo can do that.
    May be Nico Hulkenberg was a Better replacement of Mark.
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    Does anyone know which team Mark will be with next year?