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Is comparing laptimes between platforms (PC, PS3, XBOX) "equal"

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by iiiDDA, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. iiiDDA


    A bunch of my mates have started a leaderboard, we race one track per week as a time trial, then post the times to our site.

    However, we know that F1 2010 used to have massively different times for the same driving skill between platforms.

    So I race with a PC (and G27), and am faster than the guys with/without wheels on xbox and PS3. One of my mates knows a guy at codemasters - so asked this very question to which the reply was "PC may differ slightly due to the potentially higher framerate". I work in IT, and this day and age I'd be surprised if the realtime element of the game cannot deal with variations of framerate.

    I'm looking for some of you experts to advise - do I need to stop using KERS to give the guys a chance or is there really a difference between the platforms. Oh, I tried the XBOX with a controller - but just could not get away with it and my wheel does no work on the xbox - so no test available there

  2. Robert Eady

    Robert Eady

    As far as I'm concerned, the laptimes are equal across all platforms, as the game engine and physics are the same. However, it is possible that the better framerate on pc could help you drive more smoothly or even react better, but I wouldn't of thought it'd make much difference to your ability - and it wouldn't have any affect on the laptimes themselves. :)
  3. TGApples


    It depends exactly on how it works under the hood, and if the frame rate/lap timer is tied to the physics at all.

    If graphics are completely indepedant from physics and controls it should give exactly the same results given the same driving.