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  1. Kevin Watts

    Kevin Watts

    This episode is dominated by footage taken at the real Indy 500 this year where iRacing had a very strong presence. We get to see a very brief sneak peak of the new Honda LMP ARX-01C in various states of development when Justin Wilson, Will Power and Simona De Silvestro visited iRacing's offices to try out the simulation and speak to the staff there working on iRacing v2.0. Justin Wilson and Will Power fought it out to get the fastest lap in the Dallara around Okayama while Simona de Silvestro whose hands were still heavily bandaged from here Indy 500 qualifying accident spoke of her two year addiction to iRacing and she has found it a great help learning many of the tracks used in the real Indycar series.

    Tony Stewart approached iRacing to get an account to help him prepare for the Mobil 1 Challenge where he swapped cars with Lewis Hamilton and in an interview at the event he gave a glowing review of how accurate the simulation was and how it really helped him get up to speed in Hamilton's F1 car. There is some footage from this event of both drivers putting the cars through their paces and Hamilton doing a doughnut and a long burnout at the end of his stint....careful Lewis you may get to like NASCAR where people get to race each other and overtake!

    More footage from Indy 500 shows Justin Wilson, Oriol Servia and Ed Carpenter racing on the iRacing Indy circuit. iRacing also got massive coverage - in more ways than one - when the iRacing Indy 500 was broadcast on the big screens at Indianapolis before the real Indy 500. At the end of that segment is a very brief look at the concept new Indycar.

    Sean Siff does a great interview with Nick Rend the Director of Licensing at NASCAR who starts off talking about the long relationship he has had with sim racing and Papyrus and Dave Kaemmer. He talks about the great service that iRacing provides and says that nobody can match iRacing for sim making. Having international appeal is also mentioned as they talk about having a British winner for the first NASCAR series - Richard Towler. He goes on to give an account of his first ever race in iRacing when he was testing the service before NASCAR struck a deal with iRacing and said how much he enjoyed the "cutting edge, superior software". Nick also mentioned his accident in iRacing and how he found himself on the wrong end of a protest and how he was contacted by Nim Cross to be reprimanded.

    Dale Jnr also makes an appearance in this episode showing off iRacing on Charlotte Motor Speedways giant HD screen - what no triple screen Dale? :)

    Tony Stewart talks more about iRacing during his visit to the iRacing HQ. Apparently he was a big sim racer when he was younger but has not tried it for many years. He was amazed by how far sim racing has come and was quoted saying "I'm thinking I've missed something in the last five years". Tony was really impressed by the laser scanning technology and surprised it took two weeks to scan a single track. He said that he "can't believe how much it picks up all the real bumps" particularly at Texas and Vegas and he goes on to say how "pissed" he was when Charlotte was repaved.

    Episode 10 wraps up with Kevin Bobbitt's 'How To' segment on ghost racing and spectating events at iRacing and the real benefits of ghost racing where you learn from other drivers. I did this myself a month or so ago following Bram Hengeveld around Okayama in the MX-5 to see what he was doing through the tricky turns two and three on the short version of the track. So without further ado, go and get yourself a cup of your favourite beverage, sit back and enjoy this 35 minute episode in glorious HD at Youtube.

  2. William Nowell

    William Nowell

    Good stuff!
  3. Joe Hubbard

    Joe Hubbard

    Ah to be a race superstar and get to play with the good toys for free... hehehe
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