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iRacing to Partner With World of Outlaws: More Dirt Content to Come?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Paul Jeffrey, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    iRacing Dirt Oval 3.jpg
    iRacing.com have confirmed a major partnership agreement with American premier dirt racing series World of Outlaws.

    With the ink yet to dry on a major new brand partnership between iRacing.com and American dirt oval racing institution World of Outlaws, the most renowned and wide reaching organisation responsible for loose surface racing in North American and before the first dirt build for iRacing has been released, the question that immediately springs to mind is the potential for further dirt content and a move away from the traditional tarmac ovals that have been a staple of the iRacing service throughout it's history?

    We couldn’t be happier than to be associated with the World of Outlaws at the dawn of our online dirt racing feature,” says Steve Myers, Executive Vice President and Executive Producer for iRacing.com. “iRacers around the world are already eager to try their hands at dirt racing, and our partnership with the World of Outlaws will ramp up their enthusiasm to another level.”

    This is really exciting news for World of Outlaws fans and competitors,” says Ben Geisler, Chief Marketing Officer of the World of Outlaws. “iRacing is recognized around the world for delivering a remarkably authentic racing experience, and we can’t wait for our fans to see for themselves what it’s like to race our cars at legendary tracks like Eldora, Williams Grove, and Volusia Speedways.”
    As mentioned by Geisler above we already know such tracks as Williams Grove, Eldora and Volusia Speedway will be making a debut within the simulation, however with literally hundreds of dirt tracks across the United States, many of which run World of Outlaws governed cars, this announcement could be the first steps towards a much wider intention to run events on loose surface tracks going forwards.

    "The agreement is part of a long-term commitment by iRacing and the World of Outlaws to integrate their brands in the dirt and online racing communities. In addition to the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car and Late Model Series, the World of Outlaws’ grassroots sanctioning body, DIRTcar Racing will be partnering with iRacing to bring authenticity to the entry level divisions featured as part of the dirt launch. DIRTcar Racing sanctions thousands of races in more than a dozen divisions ranging from Street Stocks to Pro Late Models and more at hundreds of tracks across the United States and Canada. n collaboration, iRacing plans to develop online versions of a variety of DIRTcar Racing series as a core element of its new dirt racing feature" said iRacing of the announcement, indicating once again that dirt racing seemingly has a big future within the service.

    Many European players will perhaps be not as enthused as our American cousins at the inclusion of dirt racing, however it goes without saying that the sport has a massive following across the Atlantic and with iRacing catering to a predominantly American audience this new announcement could well prove to be a massive boost to the online racing simulation.

    I don't know much about dirt oval racing nor am I currently a member of iRacing, however I must say I'm more than a little interested in this and might consider having a little look see once this comes out. After all, everyone likes to go sideways don't they?

    iRacing is an online only racing simulation available for PC. Utilising a subscription based system, content can be purchased as individual items priced per piece.

    Check out the iRacing sub forum here at RaceDepartment to engage with your fellow iRacing fans. Leave a comment about your thoughts on the game, or download one of the many community created setups to help boost your competitive advantage!

    Would you like to see more (or any) dirt oval racing venues and cars in iRacing? Does this side of American motorsport appeal to you? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Dark Cyphwe

    Dark Cyphwe

    Australia has a huge dirt following so I think saying is a predominantly american style of racing isn't exactly true, in some parts the dirt racing is maybe more popular then tarmac track racing, most kids grew up going to dirt tracks, at least in rual areas.

    For me tarmac races was something that happened at a national level, dirt now thats local you could go on a friday or saturday night for a speedway or a day event for a dirt track circuit (non oval).You could get evolved for not too much money, my brother and his friends got a few cars racing which was fun to hangout with in the paddock.

    Hope they include non dirt tracks at some point. Really excited about this update but im going to need to find more time so it doesn't effect my tarmac progress.

    Also slightly worried that there will be a big drop in the numbers of tarmac participation but hope the numbers or new members will somewhat fill that void.
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  3. Austin Ogonoski

    Austin Ogonoski

    So what does this mean?

    They've "partnered" with IndyCar, Grand-Am, & Blancpain, and all it did was slap the official logo next to the series name when signing up for a race.
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  4. Paul D. Jennings

    Paul D. Jennings

    It does alot more than that...lol.
  5. Sky


    For you? not much.
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  6. Duke55


    World of Outlaws lowballed themselves.
  7. Leonardo Ratafiá

    Leonardo Ratafiá

    Boring... though drifting on dirt sounds like fun IRL
  8. vegasparis


    i hope X will be in a separate class like: road, oval, and dirt.
    If DIRT WILL BE IN OVAL SERIES, i will not buy it cause of 8-14 X per race...
    My class A will not stay a long time :roflmao: