iRacing Time of Day Progression and Tsukuba Preview Videos

New iRacing preview videos showcase Tsukuba and dynamic clouds and day/night transitions.

iRacing will be getting quite a bit of new content in the upcoming December 4th build release, with the simulation having already confirmed the Dallara Formula Three and Formula Renault 3.5 cars will be added, alongside the Charlotte Roval circuit. In recent days the US based team have also confirmed the addition of the Japanese Tsukuba Circuit, another well regarded and quite technical race track that will be familiar to sim racers from games such as Gran Turismo. The preview video for the track can be seen below:

With the release of the new build coming this December 4th, iRacing have also confirmed the long awaited dynamic sky and night/day transition feature is set to be added in a much requested and rather exciting first pass at the new feature.

Adding dynamic skies that change with elapsed time, the new feature will finally allow players the opportunity to race under different lighting conditions in a dynamic way, rather than the current preset day or night conditions.

iRacing Dynamic Time of Day 2.jpg

According to iRacing, the suns motion in the sky will be realistic to the time, date and location of the race event - with circuit temperatures set to match the weather conditions and impact the on track racing. All sounds very impressive doesn't it? Well with just a couple of days until release, we'll soon be able to find out all about it ourselves!​ is a PC exclusive online only subscription racing simulation available through the Steam network.

iRacing Dynamic Time of Day.jpg

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Will Mazeo

May 25, 2015
Now if they add rain and the new tire model is not crap as current one I'm in even if I disagree with their pricing model. Hopefully it happens in 2019. If they could remove the 5 or 6 car limit would be great too.

Piotr Dul

Sunday Driver
Sep 3, 2016
Finally a new post to get over Stroll's silly face, I was tired of seeing him in the top news every time i've opened RD website.
But anyway, great news from iRacing i might consider to give it another try sooner then i thought.
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Deleted member 205301

...I'm an old iracing guy (there since start of 2011), this new feature is the last step until a solid day/night transition... I'm curious about how it will affect the FPS, and hope that we won't have (as in another titles) a majority of races on sunset etc...(nice, but not realistic)...
Shame that the F3 and the FR3.5 are coming a bit too late (2018 was last season for F3 and 2015 was last for 3.5...continued until 2016-2017 but without the renault support)
...I'm glad that things are coming, still a bit sad that LongBeach won't be finished (still in tech-track state)...but, i'm happy with these news :)
Sep 30, 2017
Only thing I am slightly worried about is how big FPS drop there will be on VR settings when all the lights light up... Hopefully it is just matter of testing your settings and finding some kind of sweet spot, but amount of light sources has been my biggest trouble with frame rate when using VR.


Jan 12, 2018
Not impressed so far, visuals look dated!!
Looks as if wildfires are undergoing behind the scene all the time...
Good effort though. It's allways nice to see work in progress.
Now back to AMS...
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May 23, 2009
If I buy content on iRacing but I don't renew the subscription, I can't access my content even if I just want to hotlap, is that correct?
If it's so, I really can't understand why I can't at least use the cars/tracks I bought, to drive solo.


Aug 19, 2017
very nice rendering at the level of technique
visually, it remains "iracing": very clean and very realistic
now there is more to wait for the best announcements coming from the staff: we remove the subscription and from now on the game will be bought "base" and only the tracks and vehicles will be paying in the form of DLC: D
wake up iracing staff, thousands of passionate are waiting for it to get into the competition (or go back to iracing) and i'm really sure that you can win more money with new price system ;)

@delpinsky : yep, no subscriptions = no access to the content you rent :-(


Stay Safe, Healthy and be Kind - BLM
Dec 12, 2016
Impressive to be sure, but will have to wait for the AI introduction to get back into iRacing (third go around) as the racing ratings is what holds me back not the subscription in particular.

M D Gourley

Sep 17, 2015
I would have to say the dynamic skies and day/night transitions do look good to me personally and will definitely try them out while hot lapping...I am really waiting for the AI to show up to fully get back into iRacing and purchase more content as this is just my personal preference.


Jul 27, 2015
I'll be the second one to wonder what is going on with the AI intro. I was always satisfied with the iRacing graphics, but again with all the eyecandy, wonder what will happen to the FPS too.
Sep 2, 2017
Now if they add rain and the new tire model is not crap as current one I'm in even if I disagree with their pricing model. Hopefully it happens in 2019. If they could remove the 5 or 6 car limit would be great too.
Will, what do you mean by "the 5 or 6 car limit"?

Will Mazeo

May 25, 2015
Will, what do you mean by "the 5 or 6 car limit"?
There is a car model limit in iRacing they say it's due to performance. Not sure if they'll remove it, one of the blogs about AI I think the dev said they had all car models on track at the same time to check how the AI deal with different cars on track so maybe they can get rid of that, bring some DPi, more GT3 and then we have an actual IMSA league.
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Sep 29, 2014
I wonder what must have triggered the development of this feature now. Is iRacing feeling the competizione of other sims?

Man, and it looks damn good! Loved the cloud tech.