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iRacing throttle, brake and clutch issue.

Alex Brumpton

Oct 4, 2010
Hey guys. I am having a massive issue with iRacing at the moment. I haven't played it in nearly a year and decided to re-subscribe today. My setup has not changed since the last time i played iRacing, i have a Logitech G27 with some Fanatec CSR Elite pedals, the only thing that has changed is that i am now using Windows 8.1 not Windows 8. The problem itself is as follows, i will be driving around a track when all of a sudden the game will freeze for less than a second, and all of my pedals will engage at 50% according to the meter reading on iRacing. Pressing the pedals again will make them re-engage and be able to continue normally. As soon as i noticed the issue i booted up AC to see if that had the same problem, it was fine, i did 10 laps of Silverstone without a single problem. I have no idea what could be causing this and was wondering if anyone has experienced this before.
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Kjell Eilertsen

Jun 7, 2012
Got the same pedals, never had this issue with iRacing. Sounds like they are disconnecting, or at least to iRacing they are. Do you hear the USB disconnect/connect sound from Windows when this happens? Try another USB port if you do, or check that the cables are properly connected in both ends.

Not sure why it would happen only in iRacing, but are you 100% sure it won't happen in AC? Have you spend equally long time in both?

Jason Palmer

Sim Racing Jason
Oct 13, 2012
You may need to re calibrate both your wheel and pedals and i would also re check the graphics settings.

Try this guide to sort out your hardware -http://faq.iracing.com/article.php?id=123

For now i can't get the link for calibrating the graphics as iracing is down for maintance, but i hope these instructions from the racing guide will help direct you to the right place once iracing is up and running again.
  • Graphics Configuration Wizard – At any time, you can re-run the Graphics Configuration Wizard from page seven of the Quick Start Guide to return your graphics configuration to the recommended settings. We recommend letting the auto configuration wizard choose options before changing any advanced settings.

  • Re-running the Graphics Configuration Wizard
o Go to the Instruction section on the main navigation bar.

o Select Quick Start Guide from the secondary navigation bar.

o The Quick Start Guide will launch in a new window; click Configuring Your Hardware in the left-hand navigation.

o Click the CONFIGURE button located at the bottom of this screen.

o A new window will pop up displaying the iRacing.com Graphics Configuration Wizard.


o The window will change to display a progress indicator that monitors the progress of the automatic configuration process.

o A dialog window will appear showing the recommended graphics mode for your system.

o Click the FINISH button to complete the configuration, and the window will close.

Fingers crossed some of the above will help, oh and of course it goes without saying the need to have the latest version of iracing.com running along with newest logitech,Fanatec and GPU drivers just to make sure thats not your problem.


Alex Brumpton

Oct 4, 2010
Cheers for the reply guys. In the end i decided to format my PC, only took 10 minutes to reinstall Windows 8. It all seems to be running oki again now too. Going to do the upgrade to Windows 8.1 at some point. Hopefully it will still work after that.

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