iRacing: Silverstone Update Previews

iRacing have released a short preview video of the soon to be released Silverstone update for the simulation.

With a version of the circuit already in the simulation, albeit in the previous configuration that utilises the old pit straight and Copse Corner as turn 1, iRacing have now performed a new laserscan of the British venue in order to bring an updated version of the famous track to the sim - love or loathe the 2019 variation of the famous old WW2 airfield venue.

Set to release this June, and coming in at the usual iRacing price of $14.99, the developers have made a pretty sweet move... if any players have purchased the original Silverstone build within 24 months of release date, the service will credit their account with $14.99, effectively making this a free update to the current layout of the track.

iRacing is an online only racing game available exclusively for PC.

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Aug 29, 2017
Both will still be available to drive yeah? Like what do they call it?.... Circa tracks? I joined Race department years ago looking for iRacing discussions... Now it's the last thing I look for but this is a good one. Years after rants in the forums, finally. I know fans will be divided, like old layout fans. Remember the F1 at Zandvoort thread and you will understand. I hope all sims let old layouts drivable. But this is definitely a big welcome, from iRacing.
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Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
I thought that was LFS, circa 2007, when I saw those graphics :laugh:
I think I'm just getting to be an old fart, but at this point unless I see crazy jaggies or weird color hues, I'm pretty much like "looks fine to me".

Maybe it's a function of me playing games non stop back to the mid 80s (which makes me a dinosaur according to some and a youngster according to others!), but I think I reached a tipping point sometime over the last 5-7 years where my eyes just aren't seeing the difference and/or my brain stopped caring. It's gotta be really extreme in one direction or another to get my attention. :O_o:

Deleted member 503495

I hope the previous Silverstone does not get removed


Mar 29, 2014
And still it works somehow... in spite of the unashamed pricing and C64 graphics. That's how important official matchmaking little kitten...


Jan 7, 2017
I hope the previous Silverstone does not get removed
It wont be and it will become a free track!

I thought that was LFS, circa 2007, when I saw those graphics :laugh:
Disagree a lot tbh, I find some games like Forza or project cars look unrealistic with their crazy weather effects and solar flares and stuff, to me iRacing looks great and the colours look realistic and not exagurated like other titles and imo it looks up to date


Too much Goebbels
Oct 10, 2011
Apropos the Monaco F1 GP tomorrow then iRacing would get some advantage against the competition if they made or burrowed a laserscan of this track.
Hehe but even rF2 doesnt have a useable modern version - only and ancient one from 1966.
And it is absolutely not laserscanned :D

OK without derailing this thread further I was wrong saying rF2 didnt have a useable modern Monaco.
Just found a more than useable one: Monaco 2013.:thumbsup:
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