iRacing Season 2 Patch 2 Available

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    iRacing Season 2 Patch 2.jpg have released Season 2 patch 2 2016 for the popular online racing simulator and as usual it contains a number of updates and fixes across the sim.

    Interesting changes to the GT3 Mercedes including amendments to both fuel usage and downforce that should go some way towards ensuring a more balanced Balance of Performance (BOP) with other GT3 cars found within the game. If this has an impact on players already signed up to drive the German entry in ongoing events within the iRacing portal is yet to be determined.

    The new patch contains the usual selection of tweaks and enhancements and is available to download right now.

    Change Log:
    • Fixed an issue that might have caused the loss of voice chat and/or dynamic track updates from the server when using the “1Mbit/sec or higher” bandwidth selection in sessions with 58 or more cars.
    • Enhanced the Crash Dumper to log additional info when a freeze is detected.
    • Fixed an issue with altered thread priorities on Windows 10 systems.
    DirectX 11
    • Fixed an issue where the drop shadow of a car was sometimes rendered using the texture of a different car.
    • Fixed an issue where random flickers of geometry could be rendered with some particles.
    • Fixed some large pauses that would occur while loading due to shadow volumes.
    • The Alt+Tab functionality of the Sim has been adjusted due to several issues that could occur, such as crashing during exiting or notifications causing the screen to go completely black.
    The new changes work as follows:
    • The Sim may be toggled between Full-Screen Mode and Windowed Mode by pressing Alt+Enter.
    • When running in Full-Screen Mode, Alt+Tab toggles the Sim into Windowed Mode.
    • When running in Windowed Mode, Alt+Tab switches the active app focus as normal.
    • The Sim will not automatically toggle back into Full-Screen Mode when regaining active app focus. Be sure to use Alt+Enter to toggle back into Full-Screen Mode from Windowed Mode.
    • The Sim may automatically switch from Full-Screen Mode to Windowed Mode for several reasons including certain program notifications, or DXGI detecting another window suddenly overlapping the Sim window.
    • registry setting, “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\DXGI\DisableFullscreenWatchdog”, may modify some of this DXGI behavior. Experiment at your own risk!
    • If you experience problems with Full-Screen Mode, a highly recommended alternative is to use Windowed Mode with a full-screen sized borderless window. This may be configured during the auto-configuration or using the Graphics Options screen inside the Sim.
    • We have worked with the folks at PopcornFX and fixed an issue where the Sim could freeze when the Particle Detail setting is at the “Medium” or “High” value. With this fix, please feel free to adjust the Particle Detail setting as you wish. If you increase the Particle Detail setting and start to experience application freezes, please try reducing it back to the “Low” value and contact Customer Support for advice.
    • Fixed a pedal calibration bug with certain custom pedal boards.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from using the S, V, and ; keys when naming a new radio channel.
    Audi R8 LMS GT3
    • Ride height sensitivity of aerodynamics has been reduced to increase stability when sudden changes in track elevation and track camber occur.
    Dallara DW12
    • Fixed a bug so that brake pressure bias value is now displayed in the Garage and F8 Black Box instead of the brake bar bias value. This fix has no effect on existing car setups, it only corrects the displayed value for brake bias.
    Formula Renault 2.0
    • Fixed a bug so that brake pressure bias value is now displayed in the Garage and F8 Black Box instead of the brake bar bias value. This fix has no effect on existing car setups, it only corrects the displayed value for brake bias.
    Mazda MX-5 Cup
    • The maximum allowable suspension damping has been reduced to ensure the dampers are numerically stable while driving.
    McLaren MP4-30
    • Fixed an issue where the Energy Recovery System (ERS) was unable to toggle from Adaptive Deployment Mode back to Fixed Deployment Mode.
    Mercedes-AMG GT3
    • Slightly improved fuel economy to equalize stint lengths against other GT3 cars.
    • Very slightly reduced downforce to enhance balance between GT3 cars.
    Super Late Model
    • Vehicle setups have been updated.

    RaceDepartment have a number of user created car setups across a variety of track and car combinations in the game, take a look over at our iRacing forum for download links and all the latest news and discussion.

    Another iRacing update is here, do you think it is an improvement over earlier versions? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    DirtT Tuned Motorsports

    I've been driving iracing quit a bit of late and must admit I've been enjoying it alot more than I did before, the latest updates to the game have greatly enhanced the overall experience. Prior to the patch there was or atleast I was experiencing alot of performance issues with the new dx11 but this latest patch seems to have fixed them. I look forward to seeing where this game will head in the future.
    Asides from the cost my only beef is the lack of vehicles, gt3 is growing but I need touring cars and a mini lol
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