iRacing promotions for existing members?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by April Dillon, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. April Dillon

    April Dillon

    A quick look at the iRacing homepage reveals some very appealing promotions which are only available to new members. In particular, this one.

    One of the things which has kept me in two minds about subscribing to iRacing since I first started playing the trial has been the money. Which is why I really like the look of promotions like this. I'd buy the 3 month subscription listed here immediately had I been elligible for it.

    I checked the promotions available to existing members, and none of them seem anywhere near as appealing. Up to $10 of store credit per quarter to be gained from playing, bulk discounts, etc. Just seems a bit crap in comparison.

    Are promotions like this available to existing customers from time to time? Or are all the best deals in iRacing only there to attract new customers?
  2. Flavien Vidal

    Flavien Vidal

    Exactly :(
  3. James Yates

    James Yates

    They do quite a lot of things for existing members, mainly on Black Friday and around Christmas. Last year you got a load of credit for resubbing on Black Friday and they were giving people extra credit for buying certain amounts. Also there are the bulk discounts and the 25% discount on everything if you're 100%.

    Also remember that iRacing do need a lot more members, with the current members they're not really making anything.
  4. Kevin Watts

    Kevin Watts

    It can be frustrating sometimes to see the good deals going only to new subscribers but as James says they do some good deals for existing users as well from time to time but the eye catching ones are there to tempt people in. Its the same for most services though, mobile phones, cable TV etc. My satellite TV provider SKY was really pushing HD set top boxes a few christmas' ago. I'd just bought a TV so why not? The problem was they were offerign free installation and setup to new subscribers but existing ones had to pay £60 even though I had all the cablign in place from my previous SKY+ box. I rang and complained and got it free when I pointed out that they wanted to charge me £60 for some guy to come around and plug in my box and switch it on or should I just cancel my subscription there and then, rip the dish and cabling off the wall and get them to come around and fit it for free.
  5. Nick Bell

    Nick Bell

    well they gave me $5 for racing in the daytona 500, even though no iracing driver won the real daytona :) which was nice !

    Cos im abit of a noob, ive been competing in the mx 5 and jetta grand touring and the mustang cup, both should earn me $4 dollars each at the end of the season. So a season lasts 8weeks ? Thats still buy one month and get a month free.

    I dont know why there is alot of complaint about the money. Playing in a 5 aside football tournament in your local area would probably cost you a few quid a week for a game on a wednesday night, being part of a league and paying for a ref and renting the pitch etc...

    I find the cost of iracing quite cheap, its just a little bit daunting at first, but at first you only really need the starter tracks and cars to learn :)
  6. Dario Jagar

    Dario Jagar

    well so far I have seen (less then full year on service):

    -year sub for 70 $ (used)
    -year sub for 75 $
    -buy 75 $ credits get 25 $ for free (used)
    -buy 20 $ credits get 5 $ for free
    -3 items 10% less (used few times)
    -6 items 20% less (my favourite)
    -5 $ Daytona 500 credit
    -season 3 participation credits
    -season 4 participation credits
    -bundle Mustang + Mid Ohio

    or in short if you look at it this way:
    70 $ year sub, posibility to get back 40 $ in participation (+5 for Daytona).....25 $ :D

    and this combo:
    -buy 75 $ credits get 25 $ for free + 6 items 20% less for example my last shoping:
    5 long tracks + 1 short track = 5*14,95+1*11,95 = 86,7 $
    after 20% discount = 69,36 $
    and after 25% off (buy 75 get 25) = 52,02 $

    good deal in my book :)
  7. April Dillon

    April Dillon

    Actually that does sound very good. I didn't realise there was so much more available to existing subscribers.

    And I was really tempted by the Daytona 500 race, I nearly bought the car and track for it. Especially because they're used in the Carburetor cup too. But it seems to have been pulled. :(

    I still feel it's a bit unfair to put so much effort into attracting new customers. You'd think subscribing to iRacing would appear more appealing if these great deals were available to existing customers too. Especially seeing as how the cost of iRacing is one of the biggest complaints about it floating around.

    But that's the thing. We're not renting the track, hiring marshals and running the cars. We're playing a game so we don't have to do any of those things. :)
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