iRacing - Oulton Park available on Thursday

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    iRacing will release a new build tomorrow for Seaon 4. One of the new additions will be a brand new track as Oulton Park will be available with eight different layouts adding another European circuit to the simulation.

    Built into the natural contours of the Cheshire countryside, Oulton Park's combination of stunning scenery and spectacular racing make it one of the most picturesque and best-loved circuits for spectators and competitors alike.

    Oulton Park has always been popular with fans thanks to the superb views of the circuit available from the spectator bankings. A new viewing area has also been constructed at Lodge Corner over the winter break, offering even better views of the action on track. Crowds of up to 35,000 regularly visit the circuit for the annual round of the British Touring Car Championship.

    Below you find seven new screenshots of the upcoming track. (Click the images to enlarge)
    1.jpg 7.jpg 5.jpg 3.jpg 6.jpg 4.jpg 2.jpg
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    I seen in iRacing news the other week that this was due out soon. I think i may have to purchase this one, i love this track :)
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    Seeing these pics from iRacing gives me almost as much joy as looking at pics of Zdenka Podkapova.:cool: