iRacing Open Wheelers?

I just have the basic content with my iRacing subscription currently. I'm interested in adding a car or two and maybe a few tracks as well.

My main interest is open wheelers, so I'm wondering which car(s) and track(s) are your favorites for open wheel racing?

Also, does iRacing ever run special (discounts) for certain cars and tracks?


Kurupt CDN

DirtT Tuned Motorsports
Also, does iRacing ever run special (discounts) for certain cars and tracks?

Negative, but when you buy things in bundles of 3 & 6 I believe?
You get a discount.
I can't remember the amount of purchased content, but after a certain amount you get a discount on all purchases.
All content =30%

On occasion they also do a iracing $ $75 and receive $100 iracing dollars which you can use towards either content or renewing your subscription.

The key to staying ahead is.....
When they have a credit sale pay $75 for $100, compete in 2 series a season and get $10 in participation x 4 seasons a yr =$40
And I may be mistaken but I think there is a $5 credit for having a subscription for a full yr.

Total= $145 in your bank and save those credits to put towards a subscription sale.
Sometimes it's 50%, this yr it was 30% off =$72 for 1 yr
-$45 participation credits
=$27 for your next 1 yr subscription
Leaving you with $70+ credits left to purchase content with.

To keep the cost low, work your way out of rookie class than find a popular series that interest you. Buy the vehicle and tracks needed for the season in bundles to receive a discount (you only need to complete 8 of 12 weeks to get a participation credit for that season) and run a 2nd series using base content to get the most participation credits for that season.

The key is to participate as much as possible to keep the cost down.

There use to be a lot free 3 month trials out there to give new comers more than enough time to see if it is for them or not, but I am not aware of any at the moment.

Hope that ramble made sense :)

As for open wheelers the Skippy is a very popular series.
Rookie and a C class series, there is also the pro Mazda and some f3s
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If you wait until December 4th you should pick up the new F3 car. I don't know which licence you need to drive it in official races, though. I expect that this will be the most populated openwheeler in the future. Also I just heard they'll finally add the Formula Renault 3.5, also next week. That will be huge I guess, since many many openwheel fans waited for this car two or more years. The faster openwheelers are fine, too (F1 cars and Indycar) but there are not many races which go official (8 or more racers needed for that). So...if you want to be safe and have a lot of participants choose the new F3 car.