iRacing: New Damage Model Video (Preview)

Paul Jeffrey

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Yorkshire, UK
iRacing have released a fresh video showing the current state of the work-in-progress damage model for the simulation.

Seemingly making great strides with the way the iRacing simulation represents damage when out on track, this latest preview video gives fans a very impressive demonstration of just how far things are progressing within the title - although we still don't yet know exactly when this new gameplay feature will be arriving to the popular racing simulation.

In the latest video, we once again see various cars in action out on the circuit, however be sure to check out a sneaky look at the yet to be released Audi TCR machine - a very welcome new piece of content set to arrive within the iRacing store in the reasonably near future...

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iRacing Damage Preview.jpg

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Looks great, but tire model is still jack ****, they should really prioritize "fixing" it and improving netcode.

Anyone else saw Max Verstappen intentionally ramming others again? This guy is never going to learn. Ps. The video here, 16 secs in
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Looks very nice... Some cars feel much better to me than others in iRacing...for example F3.5 feels really good, Skip Barber feels bad.
Improve Netcode??? I have raced hundreds of races there and never lost connection and lag is extremely least for me.
I am really enjoying simracingsystem right now so I may have wasted my money...depends on how.much free time i get lol...The graphics in this video look better than iRacing looks for me? Gonna check all my settings
I understand that they have only put out one car using NTM7 so far.
Yep, the Skip Barber, funny enough, real life (Skip Barber) driver complained about it being totally different to real life.
At every new tire model update they promised in the past how realistic it would be, it remained to this date the worst of all active simracing titles.
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At every new tire model update. they promised in the past how realistic the new tire model would be, it remained to this date the worst of all active simracing titles.

Based on what exactly? It has flaws like every tyre model but the driving feels realistic. I would only put ACC ahead of iRacing in terms of "tyre feel".