iRacing League Recruit for Season 5, starts July 27th

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    Good morning, afternoon, and evening fellow sim-racers, my name is Justin and I'm a writer for iRacing News and also the Marketing Manager for Precision Racing League. PRL is a large community with a smaller iRacing community within it. I wrote a spotlight article about the league not long ago and it can be viewed here:

    Our "iRacing Sunday Series" or iRSS is rapidly approaching its fifth season and we're looking for more competitors! Each season uses a different car, and Season Five will be using the Mustang FR500S and will feature races ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes and a variety of championships. Here are the details!

    The first race of the new season starts on July 27th, with a pre-season social race on July 20th. The races are at 5pm Eastern time (10pm British time) on Sundays and we already have competitors from America, Brazil, the UK, and Germany. We are aware that the start time is a bit on the late side for people in the EU, and we are currently having existing league members vote on whether or not we can make it a couple hours earlier, 8pm British time. We hope to have the time change official very soon.

    Currently we expect the field to be a bit on the smaller side, around 12 to 16 per race (assuming not everyone can make every race), but that might change depending on how many more people sign up in the next three weeks. The current reigning champion (and my teammate last season) is Lauro Costa and he is extremely fast and very good at setting up the car. The emphasis in PRL is on clean and fair racing, and excessively aggressive racing is not permitted (although accidents happen, and the stewards are very understanding).

    Signing up for the website is free, signing up for the league in iRacing is free, and participating in the races is 100% free as well. As mentioned, this season we're using the Mustang and everyone is very excited about this new challenge. Last season we used the Radical SR8, a completely different kind of beast entirely with all that downforce. This season will feature a variety of races from sprint to endurance (30 to 90 minutes) and will feature tracks like Laguna Seca, Suzuka, Interlagos, Daytona, Twin Ring Motegi, New Hampshire and more!

    You can visit the PRL website by going to and more specifically you can sign up for season five here:
    And the league page in iRacing is located here:

    I hope that covers everything, if you have any questions please feel free to send me a Private Message here on the forums, or you can reach me on Twitter using the account @PrecisionRL or my personal account @FakeGhostPirate

    We are a very close-knit community and really hoping some of you guys might join us this season and seasons to come!

    Here is our promo video for the new season!

    And here is a playlist of previous races on my personal YouTube channel: