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iRacing | Historic Content! North Wilkesboro Speedway Today - '87 Stock Cars Soon

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
A great time to be a fan of historic Nascar competition and an iRacing user, as the service have today released the classic North Wilkesboro Speedway, as well as confirming '87 Cup Cars will be added to the simulation soon.

Yes, although the track has been in something of a state of disrepair in recent years, the iRacing team have nevertheless taken their laser scanning equipment to the former Winston Cup venue, doing a marvelous job of recreating the venue in all of its former glory.

As well as the historic oval, iRacing have also confirmed the 1987 issue Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS and Ford Thunderbird will also be added to the simulation in the very near future, giving fans some period content to race on the new venue. Working with the real world Richard Childress Racing team in order to scan the cars with fully accurate detail, both the legendary Monte Carlo SS and Thunderbird are expected to be made available for the simulation in the very near future.

iRacing Old Nascar 1.jpg

In other iRacing news, the service recently released a new update hotfix for their 2020 Season 2 build, details of which can be seen below:


Race Control

  • Fixed an issue where towing during parade laps would not correctly be recognized as a missed-start tow, so the lap zero-crossing was never being recorded as the race began, leaving the car a lap down.

NASCAR Cup Series Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

  • Windshield banner texture has been updated.
Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR
  • Tag Heuer branding has been added.
Porsche 919
  • 2020 Season 2 Balance of Power Adjustment: Maximum MGU-K regeneration power has been increased to 350 kW.
Skip Barber Formula 2000
  • The rev-limiter type has been updated to a hard limiter. The bouncing limiter has been removed for authenticity.
  • Audio levels for the starter/ignition sounds have been improved.

Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya

  • Adjusted the visibility settings on some curbs to prevent them from disappearing at various graphics settings.
Road America
  • Fixed an issue where overhead bridges could disappear while using lower graphics settings.
  • Some signs have been updated.
Texas Motor Speedway
  • Fixed an issue where the main grandstand could disappear while using lower graphics settings.

iRacing is available now on PC.

Want to know how to get the most from your simulation? Ask our awesome community at the iRacing sub forum here at RaceDepartment.

iRacing Old Nascar 3.jpg

iRacing Old Nascar 2.jpg


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Deleted member 205301

As a french guy, I'm not really about oval... dont get me wrong, i do it, I discovered it from iracing and really liked it, it's a very nice train for tyre managing (and over-turning, wich is a common mistake in simracing, or racing in general)
Having some historic content for ovals is probably something oval'guys will love, i'm not really curious that, so i wont buy it for now..maybe later... I runned alot with the L49 (yes, the "abandonned serie^^), and with L79 (for me the best racing experience in the service, in term of community and respect on track), but not sure historic content is really "popular" (guys says they want it, then they says they absolutely love it, then nobody run it XD)
iRacing using AWS to host their servers, probably GT Sport is doing the same.

GT Sport is copying everything that iRacing does and they have ranked multiplayer system ( not perfect but still enjoyable )

I hope the path taken by iRacing and GT Sport is the new norm for other sim developer.

AWS not that expensive as they scale with usage ( pay per use )