iRacing | Ford Mustang GT and Holden ZB Commodore Supercar Previews

iRacing have revealed some tasty preview images from the upcoming new Supercars content heading to the simulation...

One of the most popular and impressive tin top racing series in the entire world, the Australian V8 Supercar series has for years produced some exceptional racing and big grids of these incredible Australian machines.

2019 would see the introduction of new and controversial Ford Mustang GT to the series, joining historic rivals Holden with their recently introduced new spec ZB Commodore, refreshing the image of the series in what was to quickly become another exciting year despite the eventual dominance of Scott McLaughlin and his DJR Team Penske Ford at the head of the field.

iRacing Holden Supercars 2.jpg

With the new cars introduced to the real world series, iRacing have taken on the challenge of recreating these epic machines within their simulation - previewing both the Ford and Holden models that will be coming to the title in the very near future.

The Ford has been slated for a release as part of the upcoming December build update, with the Holden set to follow as part of the 2020 Season 1 build deployment.

iRacing Supercars Header.jpg

iRacing is available exclusively on PC.

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iRacing Holden Supercars 1.jpg

iRacing Ford Supercar 2.jpg
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Really excited that they've built these from ground up. The supercars in the game now are terrible to drive, so i'm really hoping these will be a lot more fun.


what a really excited, waiting for the cayman GT4 and hopping audi andmerco will join)


V8 Supercars is the best!
very nice, now we just need some more aussie tracks - would love to see goldcoast, adelaide, newcastle, pukekohe...just add them all.


I used to hate these cars and found them impossible to drive. I'm happy to say the mustang is a ton of fun. I won't say it's easy to drive by any stretch but I find myself doing lap after lap just laughing at how hard you can push this car now. It's got to be one of the best cars in the sim right now. Super impressed.


strange that there is no post about AI .... for the moment, it's interesting, very promising i'd say, but not totally ready...


Meh!!! Being an Aussie, I'm torn by these cars as there not Aussie cars....the Holden ZB is really a German Opel badged with the Holden lion and labelled Commodore, and theres very few being sold here in Oz, in fact the Mustang is every where you look and we all know were the mustangs from. And while I'm at it, there just panels pinned to the Gen 3 V8 Chassis, they had to massage the roof of the Mustang to get it to fit the Chassis.
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