iRacing | Five Tracks And Two Cars To Be Added To Free Content Listing In Next Build

iRacing have confirmed five new venues will be added to their free content roster come the next major build update to the simulation.

So, what's getting added to the list of free goodies I hear you ask?

In terms of tracks, Limaland Motorsports Park will join Australia's Oran Park, the wonderful Oulton Park. Langley Speedway and the Southern National Motorsports Park venues, with the VW Jetta TDi and Dirt UMP Modified joining the party in terms of vehicle content.

Additionally, iRacing have announced their legacy content programme (where older, unsupported vehicles and tracks are relegated to a vastly reduced pricing structure), will now benefit from the addition of the Chevrolet Corvette C7 DP and HPD ARX 01-C LMP2 cars, with both pieces of content set to be reduced to £2.25.

No release date for the 2020 Season 4 update has been confirmed, however it shouldn't be too long to wait for iRacers eager to grab new content for the simulation.

iRacing is available now exclusively for PC.

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Jul 15, 2011
I think if they add more AI support, I will be all over this game. There is quite a bit of content you dont see elsewhere.
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Jun 25, 2017
Every iRacing thread turns into a dumpster fire, always lol

I'm not an iracing member, but don't think there's any robbing happening when someone decides do join, you know what you are getting into
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