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iRacing club events?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Daniel Lovett, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Daniel Lovett

    Daniel Lovett

    is there any plans to get the club events going again? apolagies in advance iv missed a thread about why there isn't one lol
  2. Dazmaniac



    Anything that will be upcoming will probably appear in here.....


    A Star Mazda series is currently taking sign-ups in the iRacing Road series forum, whilst the endurance series is being delayed due to the wait for the driver swap functionality being added to the service.
  3. Josh Barton

    Josh Barton

    Hey guys I had an idea. Instead of iracing club events, why dont we orgainise times (say once a week) where we all go join the same iracing offical session (maybe a race, or a practice session where we can work on our driving styles together. this could alternate every week). That way, no paying for dedicated servers no one turns up for, it allows other people to come fill up the races (and if we pick a decent series they should be decent, probably stay away from ovals). Then it doesnt matter so much if people dont turn up, or cant make it. And we can still get together and have fun. Sure, we might not all end up in the same splits, but it could be fun. And we could all join up on the same TS server and share advice and work together to help build our lap times and skills.

    What do you guys think?