iRacing behind the scenes at Williams Grove Raceway

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    Back on the 1st April, shocked the sim racing community with bold claims of their intentions to simulation dirt oval racing in the predominantly American focused online simulator. Many in the sim racing community were initially sceptical about the legitimacy of iRacing's claims, until a barrage of tweets and media releases from key iRacing personnel confirmed the sim are indeed venturing down a path less travelled in the sim racing world.

    Further extending their current media campaign to raise awareness of their dirt simulation progress, the team at iRacing have released a neat little video from behind the scenes at Williams Grove Speedway, one of the first dirt circuits planned for release in the game.

    Commentary is provided by software engineer Dan Garrison and VP of Art and Production Greg Hill, as the guys visit one of America's most popular dirt oval locations on a recent recognisance visit to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

    For those race fans not familiar with the world of short track dirt racing the below video might go someway to giving you an idea of what one might expect to find once iRacing launch dirt racing in the coming months.

    World of Outlaws Sprint Cars Williams Grove Speedway July 25th, 2015

    For more news on iRacing's dirt plans, and for the latest news and discussions regarding the simulator don't forget to check out the RaceDepartment iRacing forum.

    Looking forward to seeing how the game simulates dirt driving? Will this move tempt you to try iRacing if you haven't already? Let us know in the comments section below!
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    Lol am I the only one who thought this was about Williams F1 team located in Grove?

    Strange coincidence.
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