iRacers Must Read FFB notice for 2.0

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Jack B, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Jack B

    Jack B

    I've been reading quite a bit on FFB since the new build came out, but many haven't.

    It's important to readjust your FFB settings or 2.0 may feel very different than 1.0 and you may not like it. I have my Damper setting to 30 and it's feels better than before.

    Anyway, here is the announcement posted today.


    The recent iRacing 2.0 build included a new feature to let you adjust the damping level on your force feedback wheel. Damping introduces a stabilizing force, feeling a bit like stirring a spoon in honey. This value used to be hard coded to 75, but now you can change the damping level from 0 (off) to 100 (full on). Due to a small bug, the level was reset to 0 for most of you in this new build, which may make the cars feel different than you expect when driving. iRacing recommends that you run your force feedback with damping turned down to 25 or below, as that gives a more precise feel while driving. But if you would like to restore the feel of the force feedback to the way it was before this recent build, you should return the damping to the old default of 75. You can find the new damping adjustment by clicking on Options while at the main screen, then selecting the Controls tab.

    Thanks to member Colin MacLean for pointing out:

    If the damping force was/is set to ZERO in the windows driver the in-game slider will have no effect as damping is turned off. If you previously had damping set to ZERO in the driver you always had damping off (zero) so in this build it will be no different. If you wish to use damping in this build you have to set the damping slider in the driver to 100 thereby enabling damping in the sim.Im
  2. Marko Buhin

    Marko Buhin

    well, i'm configuring my FFB from profiler, and not allowing game to change it. its on 900°. i use all danpers and all settings, but still i know to have a wheel shaking when standing in pit, but not in any other ocasions...
  3. Eric Estes

    Eric Estes

    That shaking is due to the NTM, I think. I get it too in the new cars. Gets worse if you lower pressure...
  4. Jack B

    Jack B

    Just noticed this thread of Profiler and iRacing settings. Interesting how much they differ...

    Wheel: G25
    Rotation: 900
    Overall effect strength: 107
    Spring effect strength: 0
    Damper effect strength: 30
    Center Spring: check/uncheck = Unchecked
    Center Spring strength: 0

    Steering Lock: 900
    Brake Curve: 0 (Load Cell CST)
    FFB Strength: 14 (depends on car)
    Damping: 30 (depends on car)
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