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I'm a big fan of the SGP initiative and I was spending some time yesterday trying to choose the communities that attract me the most.
I personally love to get non-gamers into simracing (did it with 3 persons this year) but I'm always struggling to advise them on the best way to get into multiplayer because :
a. public servers are often nasty
b. leagues are complicated for non-nerds (use of specific discords, complicated signups procedures, strict schedules,...)
c. iRacing seems to be the most simplified package but the pricing is hard to stomach for those who just invested into a computer + simrig.
d. for anyone interested in exotic content, it's hard to have a full grid anywhere.

I think that SRS, ranked multiplayer (in Raceroom) or Competition Server (in ACC) all go in the right direction and that's what I recommend to my friends.
Now I want to recommend SGP but I feel like it's a complicated recommandation due to the cross-community nature of the platform and maybe some things could be done to make it work more cohesive (I might also be the only one to think so and you can disregard my wall of text then :D):

1. Joining some communities is very easy and quick (I joined the Daily Skippy in one click and had a very nice full-grid clean race with just another click) whereas for some other you need to create an account on a website, link your steam account, etc...
I know that two of the people I converted this year would not be able to make it through all the hoops and I would not be surprised if it's a common problem. Being able to join every race just by logging through SGP (+ discord maybe) would be a game changer and the needed step for me to recommend SGP as a whole over SRS to my newcomer friends.

2. A big part of the appeal to iRacing seems to be the forum and discussions about setups and racecraft happening there. I wanted to join the Lotus Type 25 @ Thruxton race you guys organised earlier this week (sadly couldn't free myself on time) and by accident I found the thread on RD about this event where people exchanged setups and discussed the nature of the beast. I think this kind of discussions adds a lot to the overall package and it would be amazing if they can be more connected in a way so that one can discuss and share setups for the next race right from SGP (or on RD with a visible link on SGP). So that things are a bit less scattered and I can stop looking through the dozens of discords and forums all over the place.

3. The series format is the closer thing to iRacing or SRS and it's really amazing for everyone who has a tight or random work schedule.
Championship is amazing for those who can attend them because you know the people you race against.
Right now, in the event tab one can only look at a mix of both types + one-off races. It would be great to filter by type of event the way we can filter by sim so that for example one could only look at pickup races and series if he's not involved in leagues and vice-versa.
The tabs for Championship and Series don't give you any calendar, just an overview of the available champs/series, so having filters for them in the event tab would be great (and would give more visibility to one-off races also).

4. I know from talking with some members of the community that the possibility to use mods in SGP is a huge appeal to them but they are worried that the procedure to get a new track or car added to the system takes too much time to be able to have spontaneous exotic content. Also what are the limits to mods, only RD or also "outside" mods are allowed? I believe it would help to have clear information on this aspect so everyone knows what to expect and can adapt to it.

5. Right now, one need to check every community to see if something is of interest, meaning that one might be missing on some interesting races that pop up in another community (leading also possibly to half empty grids). It would be great to have a filter between your communities and all communities so that one could see what's happening outside of his/her bubble (and maybe darken the events that are from another community so it's clear that you need to join them if you want to race it).

6. Half kidding, can we have a filter to hide GT3 races so that we can unclutter the calendar for those who are tired of GT3? :D

Alright, sorry for the long post but I see so much potential here and I thought I'd give my honest opinion in case it can be of any help. :)
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I like this train of thoughts. Uncluttering is always good yet simplifying not always easy. But if the goal is to empower the community to easily find races to participate in (based on categories like you mention), it's worth the investment of time and other resources. I love what SGP stands for and does already. I agree some things take more steps that we would like to but it's a balancing act of what is required and what can be automated. This is good feedback for future iterations of SGP, mesathinks. :thumbsup: