Invisible cars problem in rFactor

Well i spent a few hours lastnight testing out stuff to try and solve this "Invisible Cars" problem,i think i covered just about every possible setting tweak and still get the problem,sometimes its even worse than invisible cars i get,some of them are just wild mental jumbles of textures and bits and pieces sticking out all over the place,really surreal looking corrupt stuff :/,i have narrowed the problem down to the ammount of cars in a race on certain tracks,the worst case is 17 cars only,any more than that and they will be invisible,the best case will allow 24 cars,this same problem occurs with the PCC mod but thats it,Lupo's-Trucks-Enduro-E90 Liga-etc. etc. are all no probs and you can pack the grid as much as you like.
I am very open to suggestions and possible paths to a solution for this guys,Ryan says its related to ATi 4000 series Vs. some rF mods,i have a 4890 1gb card,anyone else out there on a 4000 series?,im seriously considering a quick upgrade to a 5750 or 5770 that i see at tempting prices.

Cheers guys (Help!!) :(
Would you be able to post up your CCC and rF ingame settings Ivo m8? :/.

Edit: something i notice in my main rF .cfg file is the SystemRam=2048 and the VideoRam=1135 settings there seem unable to be changed,i have 4gb installed on XP Pro,so i have effectively 3.25gb available,and as i said earlier i have a 1Gb GFX card,but every time i change those .cfg settings to what i actually have,it mysteriously reverts back to those "default?" figures...
Not everybody with a 4-series experiences the problems - it's a very curious bug and not one that I have seen solved anywhere.
Know for a fact that even OC the cpu can make strange things to your games....try setting original clocking to cpu and see if it helps??
Looks good to me as well :thumbsup:

Soz to drag on off topic again.....but......just a quick open question to the 4000 series ATi guys: Can you go to any track with TCL Masters cars and put as many cars as you like on the grid and have none of the problems ive mentioned here?.

Disturbing new devolpment last night with Enduracers mod as well,granted it was with a really big grid,but i had some "Invisibles".
Additional bit of info i forgot to mention after my extensive tests a couple of nights ago: There was an instance where i was toggling through the Ai grid after starting a race and going chase view and using - + keys and move up the grid to check the cars,well this one time at a cluster of about 3 or 4 "Invisibles" i hung about longer than usual and watched them.....when suddenly they magically went from being invisible,to perfectly skinned visible cars!! :o......gave me thoughts of some kind of memory caching gubbins going on???...any thoughts.

Soz again for the mess in yer thread Ryo,move if needed and advise on if i should create a "Lenno's Invisibles Grief" thread or summat?....ta
Would be best trying to gleen from a bigger pool of knowledge I would have thought. I'll move it all for ya - maybe the techno bods Marcel, Damian etc can help out.


had much the same problem, invisible cars and track scenery, which would pop up when i was almost on top of it, the following solution fixed my problem but you can take a hit in your frame rates, so depending on your system it may be a comprimise. the following was for v8factor but i'm sure it will work with other mods. Goodluck.

If the in-game maximum detail settings still aren't enough for you then you can edit the vehicle's CAM file to increase the LOD bias, and it won't cause a mismatch. Look in your "...\rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\V8Factor" folder to find the CAM files. There's one for the Ford BA ( and one for the Holden VZ ( You can also edit any other vehicle's CAM file in any other mod if you like.
After making backups, open the CAM file you wish to edit into Notepad then locate the section called "LocalCam=COCKPIT". Find the line "LODMultiplier=(1.000000)" and try increasing that value to (1.200000) or even higher if you like. Experiment to find the figure that works best for your system. The more you increase that number the more performance hit you'll take though.
This technique can also be used if you drive from the hood cam (LocalCam=TVCOCKPIT).

Ati Airo

just a quick open question to the 4000 series ATi guys: Can you go to any track with TCL Masters cars and put as many cars as you like on the grid and have none of the problems ive mentioned here?.
No problems with 48x0 and TouringMasters with 45 AIs, in any track.


I get this invisible car problem and jumbled textures as well but am using Nvidia 8800GT. It only seems to happen with FSone 2008. It used to happen with anymore than 12 cars at Silverstone, but once I upgraded to latest Nvidia drivers, it improved so that it happened only with 17 cars or more.
I found a solution through a youtube vid made by a guy with the same problems,and the comments revealed that the problem was with the ATi cards + XP,i installed my Win7 and bingo,all fixed and perfect,unfortunately i went out and bought a new 5770 just before i found that info ;p........

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Cars do not show up in rFactor: Only shadows or partly.


Since a few weeks there is a strange problem with my rFactor install.
The cars only show partly, or not up while racing.
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