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Inverting pedals - worthwhile? (ClubSport v1)

Hey all,

I recently bought my first set of 'proper' pedals, a used set of Fanatec ClubSport v1s (up until now I've been using the horrible, unreliable plastic pedals that came with my Fanatec Porsche Turbo S wheel.)

While waiting for delivery I've been doing some research on the ClubSports - for example thinking about mods like adding an RC damper (making them more like v2s.) In reading about them, one thing that I've seen talked about quite a lot is inverting them.

It sounds pretty easy with the ClubSports - swap the wires, the pads and the springs between throttle and clutch. Then find a way to mount them upside down.

My question is - is it worth it? Or rather, why is it worth it? I've seen a few threads where people have said it made a huge difference - "like a whole new experience", one guy said. And I've also seen reference to other pedals, e.g. the Logitech G25/G27, where it's much harder to invert them than with the Fanatecs, and people still went to the trouble to do so.

So I'm trying to understand why it's such a big deal? Of course it's probably more realistic, because most cars have pedals that hang down rather than stick up. But personally I don't care so much about immersion/realism, just about feel and how good I can drive with them :) (Which knowing me won't be very good at all, but still.)

So if you've inverted your pedals, could you tell me what difference it made and why it's worth the effort?

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It´s just personal preference but for me hanging pedals just integrate better in my GT setup. In a F1 setup where your bum is much lower then your feet standing pedals may integrate better with your feets motion as you can tilt the pedals more forward and thus less risk you are finding the support arms. I just want to feel the pedal plates nothing more.

With hanging pedals you also get more space to rest your feet on. So for me in my setup hanging pedals allow them to disappear more and be more one with my feets.

My experience with hanging pedals is the CST (bloody perfect ergonomically wise) and the T500RS. Not sure how well the CSPs work in hanging as I never attempted that with them. I did preferr my T500RS pedals not only due to the basher mod but also because of the overhang position just made them much nicer to use. I can adjust angle and distance freely but still struggled with my clubsports finding a way to make use of that long throttle like I wanted to. Easier with hanging when your feet can follow the pedal arc for longer you can choose to push or press them. With standing I find my operation options more limited due to the pedal arms.
There's no real advantage either way. Most real cars have inverted pedals, but whatever you're used to will feel more 'right' to you. If you're used to using those pedals non-inverted, then inverting them will mean you have to re-learn how to use them well.