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Interview with RDRC S1 champion Sebastien Levret

Discussion in 'RD Rally Championship' started by Ondrej Kapal, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. Ondrej Kapal

    Ondrej Kapal


    I've had the chance to get some words from the RD Rally Championship's current holder Sebastien Levret. Here they are for you.

    OK: Welcome Seb, congratulation for the first RD Rally Championship tittle.

    SL: Thanks.

    OK: Your results are talking about very successful year.

    SL: Yes, the best season of my small simracing experience. This year I ran in 2 ARCA championships and 2 rally championships, one at simracingzone in our French community. I won them all.

    OK: So, you get four champion tittle this year. How would you describe your RDRC S1 season?

    SL: I was knowed as the favorite driver for this championship, because I won each racing club event I have made.

    OK: Thats interesting point, because you didnt won the first round, even the second you finished second. And with all those expects you were under before the season, how the fans reacted on this? What you exactly did to fill their expects again?

    SL: My fans though that i have reach the limit of my driving style, but i am a competitor, and finally it was great to see Jakub and Tor fighting with me. I have to think about my driving style to be better. Before that I run each stage at 80% of my capacity to avoid incident, but I must increase the risk I take to defeat these two competitor. I also worked with my team to improve my car

    OK: About the car. Was there any moment you were thinking that choice of better car could increase your current form?

    SL: No I had a good feelings with this car, the problem was not the car but my concentration with the WRC cars that are very fast.

    OK: Means this that you will give this car another try for next season?

    SL: No, my team have the opportunity to work with citroen on the C4, and this car will be my weapon for season 2. The focus became faster and faster and the C4 will give me a change to be competitive

    OK: You confirm your participatin in season 2 then.

    SL: Yes

    OK: How do you feel about the competition you had? You again showed us how much is consistent driving needed to become a champion. Jakub was fast, but making mistakes and that cost him the first place. You also won only 2 rounds out of 5 and still became a champion

    SL: You are true, consistency is the secret. But it is not the only way to win a round, you have to be very fast. It is not a surprise that I didntt win the first one because it was on tarmac, but I was really disappointed to didn't win in Australia. I only finish with a gap of 9s instead of a assistance.

    OK: That leads to the next question. You told us before that you wont be available to participate in the last round, but you didnt notice why. What was the point?

    SL: because I was visiting my family for the holidays

    OK: What you would advise our young drivers who want to start rallying?

    SL: Start with the group N, these cars are more drivable. Don't be to fast at the beginning, try to make a clean rally, after that you can try to go faster. With a clean rally, you will scored more points that you though.

    OK: Thank you Seb for your time, once again congratulation for the tittle and best wishes in the season 2.

    SL: thank you Ondrej, I wish to every rally fan a happy new year and see you on the rally track for season 2 too! [/I]
  2. Eddie Mann

    Eddie Mann

    Well done Seb!

    You and Team Project D have really set some high standards for rally here at RD, congrats on taking some well deserved titles this season :doublethumb: .

    Keeping up with your pace won't be easy for RDRC S2, but i'm sure going to have fun try'n :cool:.
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