Interview with Jesper Taulborg

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    Our 'interviews with top rankers' serie continues. This turn is Jesper Taulborg's. He was 2nd while we were doing this interview but this morning he climbed to the top spot.

    Q: So Jesper, thanks for accepting our interview offer. Let's start with speaking about your life. Where do you live? What do you do for a living? How is family, mood?

    Jesper Taulborg: I live in small town 13 miles away from copenhagen, if I said the name you proberly wouldn't know where it is. I go to school, actully my school just started today. (12AUG).
    Family is great, always happy, got a great sense of humor.

    Q: You are 2nd on our RaceDepartment Rankings right now. How does it feel?

    JP: Its annoying that I cant get past Keith
    Nah it feels good for now....

    Q: How did you start simracing? And when?

    JP: I think it was a little after Race 07 came out. I had Logitech G25 already at that time, as I was using for car arcade games like NFS Pro street

    Q: How did you find RaceDepartment?

    JP: On google I think, when I was seaching for new tracks.

    Q: How was your skills when you started to simracing? How did you improve your driving?

    JP: Cant remember, but proberly not as good as they are now. I proberly improve my driving by practice and drive against some that is better than me.

    Q: Are you driving just for fun or you are an ambitious racer which always want to win?

    JP: When I race against Keith I always wanna win, so i can try be number 1 on the ranking system.
    Nah just kidding, most of the time I drive for fun. I dont always have to win, but its nice to win sometimes - I can be happy with a top 5 too. For me, its most important to have fun.

    Q: You seem to like Mini Friday Nights, don't you?

    JP: Yea specially the short ones (2x30min).

    Q: Who are your biggest rivals here? Challenges you most?

    JP: Hmm.. Keith, we always battling when we race against each other.

    Q: What was your greatest race at RaceDepartment?

    JP: For not to say the same as Keith, I will say the first time I raced in a American event.
    Me and Keith was driving very close in both races at Padborg park.

    Q: Good and bad sides of RaceDeparment?

    JP: RD only have one bad otherwise it is a big great racing/community site. Bad side is that some people, sometimes is getting too pissed when they race, and starts calling people bad things, which is not really necessary.

    Q: What do you think about Ranking feature? Also latest updates to forum?

    JP: Its always great to have something where you can see your stats. Havent really been following the forum updates. The only things I have noticed is the new GT1 player and the new icons, and I like them.

    Q: Your favorite simracing game and your favorite non-racing game?

    JP: RACE 07/Heavy Rain.

    Q: Your favorite motorsports to watch?

    JP: Formula 1, I dont have so many TV channels. And BTCC, I often watching some clips on youtube.

    Q: What is the last movie you watched? How was it?

    JP: "Batman Under The Red Hood". It was quite good, not to long.

    Q: Do you have a phobia?

    JP: Spiders.

    Q: Your biggest dream?

    JP: To race in real.​

    Q: A typical question, you are going to live on a deserted island, which 5 things would you bring there?

    1. My G25
    2. My Computer
    3. Fanta exotic (the red one)
    4. Pepperoni Pizza
    5. A nice looking lady

    Q: Any last words, and a message to RaceDepartment members?

    JP: Drive safely and always wear your seatbelts lol.

    Thank you for your time Jesper, good luck in your future races.
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  2. Rhys Gardiner

    Rhys Gardiner

    Great interview again. Looking forward to racing with Jesper again this Saturday... he pretty much exploded into the US Friday night races and he's quickly become one of RD's best. :)
  3. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    Another excellent interview thanks Omer and Jesper! Good stuff:cool:
  4. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

    CAN'T w8 for my interview

  5. Reggie Blain

    Reggie Blain

    Very good interview:D
  6. Keith Barrick

    Keith Barrick

    Nice one Jesper. Also grats on the top spot. Had a small slip up for a dnf, but I'll be pushing to take #1 back :)

    You are a clean and skilled racer, it's always a pleasure sharing the track with you

    See you on the track!
  7. Jesper Taulborg

    Jesper Taulborg

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  8. Alexander Lauritzen

    Alexander Lauritzen

    very nice driving good too see a driver from denmark one the race :wink:.

    Hilsen Alexander