Interview with Dariusz Swiderski

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    Our 'Interviews with Top Rankers' series goes on with Dariusz Swiderski, who recently climbed to 4th spot of the RD Rankings. Let's know more about him...

    Q. Greetings Dariusz Swiderski, thanks for accepting our interview offer. Now please tell us about yourself. Your family? Occupation? Where do you live?

    Hi Omer and hello to all fellow sim-racers. I'm 42 years young, Pole by birth but living in England for the past 18 years, happily married with two boys aged 12 & 14. I'm a London cabbie by profession , teacher by education, racer by heart. My current home is in Slough near Heathrow Airport, a well know place for fans of ''Road Wars'' and '' The Office'' [​IMG]. I'm a big fan of 2 wheels and PC racing sims.

    Q. How and when did you start simracing?

    I started sim-racing in the middle of the 90's with TOCA, Gran Turismo and Colin McRae rally games but stopped soon after due to family commitments. Had a comeback in 2008 with Gtr-Evo and thats when i started racing on-line.

    Q. How did you find Racedepartment?

    I signed up with RD in 2009 just to download new tracks and mods but a few months later i met Gregory Degreef in some public server and it was him who made me to become Licensed Member. Never looked back since[​IMG].

    Q. How is your cockpit? Just a wheel? Or more?

    Its a G25 mounted to a desk with an office chair but i,m looking to upgrade in the near future, fingers X.

    Q. How did you improve your skills? Did you spend too much time with offline practicing?

    I always felt very comfortable with any form of motor transport and wasn't too bad right from the start of sim-racing but still have a lot to learn, especially in RWD vehicles. I don't do any off-line practice and just gradually improve over time which i hope will continue for some time yet.

    Q. You love Mini Fridays don't you?

    Yes, i do like the car and those Friday events, thats when it all started for me on RD.

    Q. Who are your biggest rivals here?

    I don't think i have a rival at RD but always like to have a scrap with Gregory Degreef as he is quick, fair and clean driver.

    Q. Your greatest race here?

    I've done so many thats hard to remember which would be the greatest, the one i remember most will be my 1st, 4 hour enduro on LeMans 77' , i was the last driver in my class on track as rest of the field crashed or got disconnected, got disco'd myself 15 min before the finish.


    Q. Your worst race here?

    A couple of months ago i got taken out ''public server'' style at a MiniFriday event which was dealt very promptly by RD staff suspending the offending driver.

    Q. Are you addicted to simracing? Or you can find time for other things?

    I'm definitely addicted to it now or to be more precise i'm addicted to RD events as public servers are a no no for me. Other things?...what other things? Joking on side as i do have family life which comes first.

    Q. What do you think about RD's latest upgrades? Such as rankings and new visuals.

    I like it a lot, everything is clear and easy to find, great job with news and other important stuff, keep it up.

    Q. Are you trying hard to reach the top of the rankings?

    Not really as there are a lot of drivers better then me ( yet lol ), the only reason for me to be as high as i'm is the number of races i've done, quantity over quality lol.

    Q. What is your life dream?

    That's an easy one, to have a go in real life racing event ( BTCC would be ideal, my tel. no. is ..... lol )

    Q. What is your worst phobia?

    To have a power cut.

    Q. Our typical question, you are going to live on a deserted island. Which 5 things would you bring there?

    1. Power generator.
    2. PC with my wheel.
    3. A tonne of smoking tobacco( not recommended to younger members of RD )
    4. Spare power generator
    5. My wife and my kids ( have to stress out i'm NOT writing this because she WILL read it..)

    Q. Any words for dear RaceDepartment members?

    Thanks to all i've been racing with and those i will in future, you are a great bunch of characters RD would be much poorer without (or non existend for that matter), it's a privilege to be a part of the biggest and best racing community on the net. And hats off to all RD racing staff for their hard work and commitment.

    Q. Thanks for your time Dariusz. Good luck at your future races and your life.

    Thank you very much Omer and see you on track guys. [​IMG]
  2. Marty Pierce

    Marty Pierce

    Nice interview. Dariusz is always clean, consistent and very fast.:cool:
  3. Gregory Degreef

    Gregory Degreef

    :thumb: :)
  4. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    Once again, great job Omer and thanks Dariusz :cool:
  5. Domingos Vaz

    Domingos Vaz

    Congrats Dariusz, great job! :cool:
  6. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson

    Dariusz! "Swider" is in fact one of the true "great guys" here at RD!:D Hope to see you on track soon! Maybe get GRegory to race in an ARC ATCC Friday event? :tongue:
  7. Jose Neira

    Jose Neira

    I couldnt really of put it any better myself Eric, and whats more he informed me of the racing here at RD even though id joined the forums way back

    thx Dariusz the "SWIDER" man hehe mayb youll have time to see me in your rear view mirrors some time soon :)
  8. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes

    Nice Interview and comments Daruisz, you are a real asset to Racedepartment and set the right example to others.
  9. Eddie Mann

    Eddie Mann

    Nice one Dariusz, good interview, see you at the next RD Rally meet:).