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    Our interviews with top ranked simracers continues with Adam Vaughan. 3rd on our RaceDeparment rankings right now.

    Q. Greetings Adam, thanks for accepting our interview offer. First of all please tell us about yourself, your life, occupation, family?

    Greetings Omer, My name is Adam Vaughan and I come from North Wales. I dont have the accent but sound more "scouse" apparently. My life at the moment is good, I am studying IT at college and also have the worst job in the world working part tieme at a Shell Petrol station. At the young age of 21 I already have a little daughter Caitlin with my girlfriend Danielle.

    Q. How did you start simracing?

    I started simracing I surpose when the Gran Turismo franchise was released. My dad used to always get me the latest Driving games and once I hit that I couldnt get off it. Eventually got myself GTR2 but just raced it offline. Then after getting GTR Evo I found RD and thats where I started to race online.

    Q. How did you find RaceDepartment? Why did you join here?

    I found RD through simbins website. I wanted to join a community who have leagues, guys who can help and basically friends I can chat to. Basically just wanted to join a community that enjoys racing and the spirit that goes with it. RD is perfect for this.

    Q. Being the 3rd ranked driver on rankings, how does it feel?

    At first I wasnt too bothered about the rankings but then I got into the top 5 somehow and I took them too serious often being annoyed at getting 2 podiums in a race because I wasnt first. Iv stopped this now and just enjoying my racing but being 3rd is kinda nice but there are many guys on this site quicker than me.

    Q. What are your tricks? How did you improve your skills?

    When I first came I was average if not appauling at racing but I started to join the American Club Touring car events and thats where I met my good chum Keith Barrick. The guy was just a massive help giving me tips on driving and also what I need to do with the car to get it how I want it. Hes just what a community needs and the American Club has plenty of guys like that.

    Q. From the times you joined to RD, how did forum and club events changed? Is it better now?

    As we all now the forum changes nearly everyday, but atm Im liking the new theme and hopeully it will stick this way. Also the website now has more news on real motorsport and also you can have a good discussion on the likes of F1 etc. Events have changed slightly due to different input from staff but they all do a sweet job.

    Q. Who are your biggest rivals here? Which ones make you tremble?

    Definetly Keith. Hes just awesome quick in any car. I wouldnt say he makes me tremble as I know if I catch him or he catches me then its gona be clean, fast and aggressive. Thats what I love about racing the love taps, door to door racing and everytime we race I know it will be clean and competitive. Hes a driver I trust. The ones that make me tremble are the guys who are lets say accident prone. Im not gona name any names but we all know who they are. They are the scary drivers.

    Q. A memory about RD which you can't forget?

    I surpose the days when I was learning and the help I recieved from many guys. Im trying to give that back now by helping others. Not that they want it I just like to give them advice.

    Q. Your greatest race in RD?

    ATCC season 1 at Limerock. Me, Keith and Eric Nelson just had the most awesome battle which I eventually won. Also we had a race last week at the old Monza 10k track and again me, Keith, Eric Nelson and Stefan Werner had an amazing race travaling at over 200mph and all 4 of us where within a gap of 0.500 seconds. Awesome race.

    Q. What do you think about RD's new layout?

    Definetly the best layout weve had. Like I said earlier hopefully it will stay this way hey bram :p

    Q. Which simracing game is your favorite? And which discipline in that game?

    I mainly play Race On and its got to be the S2000 class of the toruing cars. It allows for competitive door to door racing which I love. I am however looking to get into rFactor.


    Q. Which motorsports you follow in reallife?

    Again its got to be the BTCC. Follow the races alot and also go to watch them at Oulton Park and Donington.

    Q. You also seem to be interested in football, which team do you support? And how much you follow this sport? More than motorsports?

    My team is Liverpool, I follow them and watch every game I can and also maybe go to a match twice a season. Id say I watch more football than motorsport but I watch every BTCC race and also every F1 race so Im quite lucky.

    Q. Your biggest real life dream?

    My dream would be to live in Australia and to enjoy life with my daughter and girlfiend.

    Q. Your worst phobia?

    Bugs, stuff like beetles and spiders. I hate them.

    Q. Our typical question, you are going to a deserted island, which five things would you bring there?

    1. Fridge full on Beer
    2. PC
    3. G27
    4. A branch of chiquitos?
    5. The "internet"??

    Q. Any last words to dear RaceDepartment members?

    Thanks everyone for reading this and to the guys who have helped me along the way. Also Im looking for a team atm so....... please somebody take me [​IMG]

    Thank you for your time Adam. Good luck in your future races and may you find a great team.
  2. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    As always, another great interview:cool: Thanks alot Adam and Omer, this is, as ever, an intresting adittion to the front page!:wink:
  3. Rhys Gardiner

    Rhys Gardiner

    Another great interview. I always enjoy reading these. :)
  4. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson

    Nice interview! Looking for a TEAM? May I remind you that your under contract at Synpatic Racing for the upcoming ATCC series? Please don;t make me call my attorney about this.............:tongue:

    We did specify in your agreemant that you could race ANYTHING you like with any team outside of the ATCC...........:D

    so whats it gonna be mate/ Shopping buggies or Bicycles?

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  5. Marty Pierce

    Marty Pierce

    Well done! I enjoy these interviews and learning a little more about the guys we love to race with like Adam. :cool:
  6. Jarrod Keen

    Jarrod Keen

    I'm sure he's just awaiting a hint or inclination from Team Gulf (which hasn't been issued btw). Eric, Adam's a bum and is dragging you down. haha.... naa... anyone that's met Adam knows the guy is one of the fastest guys on the track and the great part about Adam is that he's a nicer and funnier guy than he is fast!! And that's saying something.
  7. David Garcia

    David Garcia

    Great interview... keep it up! :cool: We share the feeling about Asutralia Adam.
  8. Dariusz Swiderski

    Dariusz Swiderski

    I remember racing against Adam in only my 2nd ever RD event last year and thinking to myself : with guys that quick i definitely joined the right racing community :rolleyes: ( i,m getting back my 3rd spot:tongue::D )

    Great interview:cool:
  9. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
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    Glory Grabber! :p

    I heard Tranmere are looking for fans :D
  10. Keith Barrick

    Keith Barrick

    Ace interview from an ace person.

    Adam, its been a pleasure running with you since you've joined, and been a pleasure working with you and watching you turn into a crazy fast Welshmen.

    Im looking forward to many more battles with you, especially in ATCC.

    Top notch, keep these interviews coming!
  11. Adam Vaughan

    Adam Vaughan

    Cheers guys thaks alot
  12. Eddie Mann

    Eddie Mann

    Nice interview :), i can't even remember how i found RD, but i'm glad i did.

    More of the same RD.
  13. Glenn Petersen

    Glenn Petersen

    Great interview. Glad you're back racing, Adam. You're a class racer and a lot of fun on TS.