Internet Fob For Online Gaming??

Jimi Hughes

RDMCC S6 Champion
Hi all,
I am a student going into my second year at uni, and during the first year I had very poor internet which wouldn't run steam for Race 07/Race On online, neither would xbox live work off it.

So my question, does anybody think an internet fob/dongle would be fast enough to run Race on/07 for online gaming? obviously how good the fob is would effect it, i do not have one and was wondering if it would be worth buying one to keep myself racing online which living away in Halls of Residance.
Also, would it be good enough to run xbox live aswell, or an I really taking the piss now!

Any thoughts or advice would be much appriciated, as when it comes to computors i'm a bit of a newb, i just stick to driving things fast around a circuit as its just about all I can do!!

Cheers all,

Unfortunately it's very unlikely that mobile broadband will be speedy enough to be able to cope with online gaming, it depends on your reception area. It's not the dongle's fault - it's the actual speed of the network which is not designed for that kind of usage - it's designed for internet browsing only.

Plus your bills would be HUGE should you get a good enough reception to play online.

Jimi Hughes

RDMCC S6 Champion
ok bud, thanks alot for that, save me a pretty big waste of money!

I could guess that the reception in the area is very poor at the best of times, the college wireless internet is very slow, and will not connect with xbox live at all, generally phone signal is poor, as with TV etc due to us being in the middle of nowhere. So that'd be a no.

Never mind, I will have to make the most of having internet this summer and get into as many online events as possible!


Adam Vaughan

Yeh as ryan said the bills would be huge, a friend at college tried this, ended up with a £2000+ bill the next month from playing battlefield 2 on his PC.

Still makes me laugh coz I told him not to.
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