International Formula Masters @ Nogaro 2004 - Tuesday August 10th, 2010


Class: International Formula Master
Track: Nogaro 2004 v1.1
Weather: Dry

Start Time: 21:45 EST / 18:45 WST / 01:45 GMT (Friday)

Practice: open server
Qualification: 15 mins (21:45 EST)
Warmup: 10 mins
Race: 2x20 mins

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Circuit Paul Armagnac is a motorsport race track near Nogaro in southwestern France. The track was built in 1960. The venue hosted the French round of the Grand Prix motorcycle road racing world championship in 1978 and 1982, as well as the 2003 round of the FIA Sportscar Championship. It also hosted rounds of the Formula 3000 series between 1990 and 1993. The Formula Three Euro Series also visits the circuit. The FIA GT Championship also visits the circuit with the latest event being the Nogaro 2 Hours held in October 2008.

Entry List:

  1. Glen Kabis
  2. Bob Luneski
  3. Michael Weinerich
  4. driver
  5. driver
  6. driver
  7. driver
  8. driver
  9. driver
  10. driver
  11. driver
  12. driver
  13. driver
  14. Larry Stovall (maybe)
  15. William Nowell (maybe)
I really, really want to try this race.

However, Tuesday is the single busiest day of the week for me, and I often don't get home from work until after this would start, and might be too tired besides. This is actually the reason I haven't ran on Tuesday when the F1 races were up.

I've been wanting to run the IFM cars since Race On came out, though, so I will try and be here if I can.
Not a half bad track for these cars really.

Hadn't driven on it before, but yeah. It's quite nice.

My first laps were basically during quali, so I filled her up with race fuel and went out to work out my lefts from my rights. Kinda got all that figured... except for the first turn, which was causing me problems, cos I kept wanting to take it in 4th...

Anyway, quali was pretty tight between everyone, and I think in the end I managed to scrape into 5th..

Race 1 - all was going well. Car was a bit twitchy whilst everything was cold, then I got to the hairpin and the phone rang so I pulled over to answer it. Lost 2 laps, but kept going to get some track time for race 2.

Race 2 - Started on pole (reverse grid)... Stuffed it up in the first turn by trying to go through in 4th.. I punched everything I had in reach. Should've punched the driver a bit harder too. lol.
Anyway. Had some great races in the end with Claudio (side by side for 3-4 corners), Glen and Lazlo.

These cars are good fun, and not too hard to get your head around either, I reckon.

Cheers fellas, good fun.

Eric Estes

Hadn't raced these in a long time. You can tell I need a lot more practice in the Formula cars.

Qualified Shotgun on the field, though my time was within a second of almost everyone. Grats to Lazlo on (first?) Pole.

Race 1 - Grabbed a couple of spots due to other's misfortune. Glenn was closing in quickly to get back by, but pulled off after the 2nd hairpin. The rest of the race was spent trying to stay ahead of Bob, who was ticking off time lap by lap, but fell maybe a lap short of being able to seal the deal. P4.

Race 2 - Not a terrible start from P3, But Lazlo behind me was off like a shot, and momentarily we were 1-2 down the first straight before reality set in and I dropped back. The rest of this race was spent in a great battle with Bob - with me taking the position on Lap 2 and him chasing within a 1 sec gap for most of the race, then setting me up and passing me on the next to last lap in the one part of the track I was usually faster, the final Left-Left behind the pit straight. Good times Bob. P6.

Thanks Stefan for setting us up, and to Eric and RD of course!

Lazlo Acera

This was my first time on this track and it was a lot of fun.

Q. Everyone was very close in lap times, less than a second separated the field iirc. With 3 mins left in qualy I took 4 liters fuel and went out for one last spin and was shocked to find myself in first, then waited nervously for the seconds to run down and, yes Eric is correct, get my first ever pole!!! =)

R1. Got a good start and kept the lead thru the first few turns babying the heavy car and cold tires. With the pack jostling for position behind I was able to put a small gap and protect P1 for most of the race. Glen K and Claudio looked to be having a close battle for P2 until Claudio broke away and charged me down. Then the pressure was on with Claudio sitting on my rear bumper patiently waiting to pounce. He out braked me at the end of the back straight but then went wide allowing me to duck back under and re-take the lead. With only a couple minutes to go I felt my tires starting to slip and slide and Claudio wasted no time getting the pass at the same spot to take the win with me a close second.

R2. Got a fantastic launch from the rear of the grid, my car just flew off the mark and when a car went off infront I found myself in P1 again. This time my lead was alot shorter and only a few laps later Claudio made a great move and got past, then I overcooked the hair-pin exit and looped it. That was the last I saw of him and now Glenn M was closing fast. Sweating and swearing I calmed down and raced to the end barely hanging onto P2 with Glenn pressuring at every opportunity. Was happy with another second place finish.

Great racing and good fun everyone. Grats to Claudio on double wins and big thanks to Stefan and RD!
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